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Published in Bosnia and Herzegovina - Social interactions and entertainment - 25 Oct 2018 08:21 - 19

Olympic beauty!!!
Jahorina, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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I love snow !
Ajjjj kolika je Jahorinaaaa, planinaaaaa Laugh o/
PlaNna 😁
It s real time snow ? Omg it s to early for snow but I love it!
so cold !! i cant imagine the temperature
@N1kolaos Biternas its photo from this morning bro
I like also snow but not this snow
damn.. 1100 km southern and i m still on t-shirt. Sad
218km north-west and I m in t-shirt
have Jahorina have vote and endorse Smile
švepiks hercegovac
1k+ km NE, and I am still in T-shirt
vote 194 sub 290 o7
sub 300 CG o/