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【Quebec Times】CountryBall Murica here for DEMOCRACY ! :
✪ Doing what is right ✪
Marvelleuse! Bon courage
CNN: BREAKING NEWS American Scientist Ainz has made a stunning discovery in South America. Ainz: Traces of Oil have been discovered in the outskirts of Peru capital.........
Fox News: It has been later clarified, that those traces of oil come from US army vehicles who are bringing democracy to Peruvians oppressed by government of Peru.
Awesome drawing
Pole Laugh
i came here to laugh a bit about this nonsense.
The nudes?
The nudes?
The nudes?
The nudes? x4
Te crees gracioso ??? ahorita te voya meter mi PANSOTE Gringo luego vas a estar armando tu muro para que te aisles otra vez