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Hello gals and guys again!

Unfortunately, this list has grown quite a bit during the last six days. It seems more and more scavengers enter our humble r-world, ripping off anyone who may come around, if only by a simple subsc.ription.

All in all, here is newest edition to the list of encountered freelunchers who have recently been subbed by me and who - although going through a 4-step distress process during a 4-day period - did not bother to sub back nor at least answer me.
As always, proof is available when needed.

Too busy? Lazy? Dishonest? Careless? Exhausted? Crookish? Disrespectful? Just plain stupid? Who cares! Here is the blacklist for you to decide whether these guys deserve a sub from you. You be the judge.

I also appreciate each and every sub and - when receiving your sub number - I am going to sub you back as soon as I can. Also, please do not unsub me later. I have to work ever harder on new subs if I am getting stripped of the old ones.

01. lNyCream

02. Otari010

03. Ragnnar

04. Username

05. CarlosSlim23

06. Inarius Kuman

07. sarija

08. Mr QR

09. Dragan72

10. iBirello

11. xBuco

12. Grom

13. TONI

14. SgtKNadian

15. Erwin Rommel

16. Task Force 141

17. BATASHA (this one really was an unpleasant surprise)

18. majda

19. Agent Mehdi47

20. Mohsen

21. mamad 1382

22. Soltan

23. Popandopulo

24. Le Commandant

25. Zafir0

26. Southgate

27. Qaniu



Comments (15)

otarrr Laugh Laugh
Dunno about you but I managed to get 500 and most of the guys that helped me is in this list
Crnobradi well I do not know if they helped me or not. They surely never replied my begs. Except for at the end. Some of these may have a valid reason not to reply, though: more than a couple have been banned for good.Smile
You re wrong Bikkin, they are all secretly Romanians (this is a joke). I also didn t see that someone PMed about a sub and unfortunately for him I looked for single-messaged PMs, opened new tabs for all of them, slowly unsubscribing. If he didn t subbed me, he would ve had one more sub (I already subbed him before he subbed me). He messaged me again in the same day I unsubbed him and after that and I was again subbed to his newspaper.
Johnadi that is why I message them no less than FOUR times before I unsub and make a file. Noone can pretend he missed all four of those messages by accident.
Hello! Arra nem is gondolsz haver,hogy van aki figyelembe sem vette a felíratkozási sorszámot,mert Én sem figyeltem meg,de nem íratkoztam le senkitől! Nerm vagyok csaló.Smile
Maybe they saw your useless articles and that s why they thought it was not worth suffering for one subscriber.
U have published this article in Iran , Dude ! Go for an eye check Laugh
CRY nazi
@herosiv why the cold shoulder? Have I accidentally hurt one of your (fake-s) friend-s feelings? @IranSoldier unfortunately many of the latest bunch are from Iran, hence why.
Hello Bikkin, add profiles H U L K, Agent Mehdi47, Vashko, MasterDanny, prdarbih, King of Dark and Ernan Kortes? If they are not yet in list they deserve to be there.
@Bikkin why so serious?
i sub back every one who subs me but i don t send massage cause i don t see it necessary if you don t like it don t sub Laugh good day