The Seven Seas

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Signed. Its really a stupid amount for what it is
50 cc
SUPPORT , 0.4g or RIOT!
They said...We will change it later in game, for now we will not interfering Smile But nice try
No, CC tactic is the only card small countrys have. No gold, no energy. It was put there for reason, deal with it Smile
50 energy Laugh Signed
Lol nee need for change.This is most fair traveling system
SIGNED i fcking move to SA and now i cant go back :/
50energy, signed
Supported! It happened to me and was annoying. Have no sense to be stucked in a country without money to buy + no job available (so how to get money to travel again?). Add ticket companies or health/gold alternative system.
Signed, nothing was wrong with previous system Sad
In erev1 they listened to stupid petition. Look what happened there Laugh Dont repeat same mistake.
Signed. And you always need currency where from you want to move out. So if I would like to go to Pakistan to help in a RW there or just for a BH medal but nobody else play and live there I never can get out from the hell and just f*cked up. It makes no sense.
Im kinda against this. Unless the way to travel alternatively is quite expensive
Downvoted. I already travelled 6 times. I propose that the first six times should be 40 cc and the next ones should be free.
Make a new company that sells plane tickets, that will be fun o7
No signed.
See, it would make more sense if you needed a country s CC to fly to their country, not the cc of the country you were currently in.
not signed
check mm market first, then travel. Make plans. then action, not that difficult right?
It s supposed to make you think twice before starting a RW somewhere else
Voted. Make possible to travel and come back with our national cc.
Agree - Energy as an option
Energy would be great. o7
not signed. Is prefer direct wars to keep game alive. More strategy when you decide monetary market status
+1 Es una regla estúpida que además confunde y aburre a los nuevos
I generally do not understand why game should be simplified because it is hard for you in particular. Not signed.
Vote for admins here
Allow people to travel for 250 energy or 1 gold.
50 energy
Dont change. CC is perfect
OR perhaps the other option can be: It would need maximum energy if you don t have cc
Actually this is pretty amazing how it is. Why? Simply because each country produces for itself. And traveling shouldn t be cheap in the first place.
yapiro, liberen el viaje x health, carajo, putos chinos capitalistas
50 energy... no more cc or gold!
there need to be some alternatives, even if this alternative is limited to 1 use per day
i agree!
Im not agree, vote for cc travelling payment
Add alternative that can be used once per 2-3 days and requires massive amount of energy. Something that makes it really bad, but is there so there is no hostage situation. For people saying hostage situation is good, so people don t shoot in their rws, ok - you kill rws, but you forget those that want to even work in their companeis - something impossible if you limit the cc they can get. I d rather leave game than be at the mercy of a country that has wiped me (why would they care about me working in my companies? they can get me working in their companies 1cc job offers and be happy).
only CC for travel is good and its a part of strategy, so its good to stay like that P.S. buy NZ cc cheap 1 cc=1 gold Wink
40CC or 500 energy! Best solution
o.5 gold travel
See, I think this system stays relatively the same if you change one simple thing about it. You need the cc of the country your flying too, not the one your in. This is especially helpful if you happen to be in a territory that gets taken over by another country, so you can still get home, but you won t be able to fly to enemy countries without their cc available.
Let us use energy or reduce the cost, or both!
So so signed pls change that
Signed, already talked to Dante about this game system abuse, he said that he wont interfere
1.- 0.5g +100 energy 2.- 0.5g + 200 energy 3.- 0.5g + 300 energy etc etc etc
50 energy
First look when you re going to a country that doesn t sell their own currency. It s your fault only!
CC its perfect... dont change
fuck....... is block indonezia. no fairplay........
Signed...the game is so new that there arent cc in every country at all or at normal exchange rate, so traveling is impossible. Implement energy cost or gold cost UNTIL people develop their monetary markets (or at least get some players playing for every country).
De acuerdo con el sistema actual
el consumo de energia es mejor o al menos si sera cc que sea una cifra mas razonable 15cc por ejemplo Sad
energy , Signed
signed o7
we could exchange same amount of fee to our newspapers articles to make the money for the travel. the ultimate problem could be that so we ll become related one each other, maybe even trustful friends and this kind of games are very individualist?