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Greetings all fellow citizens and people from around the globe! I'm happy to announce a few important updates as well as weekly (hopefully) newsletter to all about our progress as a nation. So let us start with setting the mood?


1. We have put currency up on the monetary market for you to buy. We are selling at .015 per IEP, all proceeds go back into the government.
2.  As you can see, we are growing as a nation. Both in lation and in damage. See below, we are in the top 25 for damage. Even out matching our neighbors to the east of us and even the bigger Armed Forces of Ukraine.

As you can see on the map, we've been very successful so far in our expansion. Our military force is one to be reckoned with it.


Our current cabinet as of 10/26/18 (Yes, I'm American)
Country President: Brisleain
Vice-President: Millisentti
Minister of Defense: Hidorion
Minister of Foreign Affairs: MrSharp
Governor (Minister of Finance): Rusty D
Minister of Education: Winston Hope Smith 
Deputy of Education: westgaminghd
Director of Translation and Latin recruitment: Maximiliano Letow
Deputy Director of Translation: dazo26

We are looking for cabinet spots, so if you're interested, let me or one of the minsters know! If you haven't already, join our Discord! We are one of the most active communities in the game and we are VERY organized. 



El TarloDiesel

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