Wiki | Training grounds


Training is one of daily tasks beside working. You can train once a day.

If you train every day you will have the opportunity to become one of the super soldiers!

Workout area

Training groundsUpgrade costTraining effect

Boot Camp Q1
Free +5 Strength

Boot Camp Q2
20 Gold
To Upgrade from Q1
+10 Strength

Boot Camp Q3
70 Gold
To Upgrade from Q2
+15 Strength

Boot Camp Q4
170 Gold
To Upgrade from Q3
+20 Strength

Boot Camp Q5
370 Gold
To Upgrade from Q4
+25 Strength

Training for new players

The amount of strength each training center gives daily will be changed for players below 15 000 Strength.

Training groundsTermTraining effect

Boot Camp Q1
< 15 000 Strength points+55 Strength

Boot Camp Q2
< 15 000 Strength points+60 Strength

Boot Camp Q3
< 15 000 Strength points+65 Strength

Boot Camp Q4
< 15 000 Strength points+70 Strength

Boot Camp Q5
< 15 000 Strength points+75 Strength

We hope this setup will help new players and those with lower strength catch up quickly.