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Starting a war

A war can be started by declaring war on a selected country. A war can be declared through a proposal of 'Declare War' law which only country presidents may propose. If the congress votes Yes on the law, the war begins and lasts for 30 days. After 30 days the war is ended unless the law is renewed. The cost of Declare War law is 20 gold which are taken from the country treasury.

An example of an approved Declare War law.


When a new war is started, the attacking country of the war will hold the initiative, which means they can decide which enemy region to attack (only the regions which have direct borders with the attacking country). While holding the initiative, the attacking country cannot be attacked by the opposing country in this war. The attacking country will keep the initiative as long as it keeps winning battles and thus, conquering enemy regions. In the moment the first battle is lost, the initiative will change to the opposing country and it will have a chance to counter-attack. The cost of each attack is 10 gold which are deducted from the country treasury.

Initiative cannot be held forever. Once the war is declared, or a battle won, the presidents have 24 hours to decide which region to attack next. After 24 hours both countries will have the initiative to attack.

Every time a country win a battle, it gains the initiative to make the next move.

Example of an active war page between two countries, current as well as past battles can be seen here.

Ending a war

War can be ended in three ways:

  • After 30 days
  • If a country is left without any regions (please note that even if there isn't a border with the opposing country the war doesn't end)
  • Peace treaty law is signed