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Resistance Wars

Resistance wars are wars started by citizens in order to liberate a certain region from occupation.

NOTE: You can try to start rw every 300 seconds if you dont manage from first time you will need to wait 300 seconds to try again.

Starting a resistance war

A player can start a resistance war by clicking the "Start" button. This interface is only shown if the player is in an occupied region.

In order to start a resistance war (commonly referred to as RW) The player need to be located in the region you wish to liberate. If all conditions are met (explained below) you can start a resistance war at the cost of 15 gold. If the resistance war is successful and the region is liberated, the citizen that started the resistance war is rewarded with 5 gold and a 'Resistance Hero' achievement.

A resistance war can be started only if these conditions are met:

  • The region is occupied by another country;
  • The player is located in the region he wishes to liberate;
  • The player needs to be at least level 25;
  • The player has at least 15 gold;
  • The region is not under direct attack from another country;
  • The country a player wishes to liberate does not have ongoing resistance wars in it's other original regions.

If a country starts a resistance war against an invader and loses the battle, the resistance force will have opportunity to raise new resistance war after 24hrs.

The region that is currently engaged in a resistance war cannot be directly attacked by a country. However, the country that is defending from a resistance war can still launch a direct attack from that region to its bordering regions.

Fighting in a resistance war

To fight, a player must reside in the country that owns the region where the resistance war is active. The fight process is the same as in normal battles. The only difference is that you must choose a side you want to battle for. The side is chosen from the war page:

Choose the side by pressing the corresponding choice. The resistance is in the left and the defender (region's owner) is in the right hand side. The name of the region is in the middle.