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Strategic Buidlings

Strategic Buildings are used for creating Missiles.

Missiles provide very big portions of damage, and they need weapons and weapon materials to be created. The qualities and amounts for creating missiles will be visible in a table below.

Research Center

The main purpose of Research Center is to provide additional work tokens for lower cost than Job market. With each upgrade, a player will get one more work token. With level q3 or above, a player will also receive Hyper Bar.

The use of Hyper Bar is to diminish the time needed for total energy refill. It cancels the countdown, giving the player the ability to refill the total amount of his energy pool instantly.

Upgrading your Strategic Buildings is the same as upgrading companies

NOTE: There can be a maximum of 1 Hyper Bar in Storage, they cannot be stocked. If a player has 1 Hyper Bar in Storage and wants to click on Research Center, they will only receive work tokens that day. Once the Hyper Bar is spent, the next time a player clicks on Research Center, they will receive another Hyper Bar along with the work tokens. Research Center cannot be downgraded and/or dissolved.

Cost of production

Strategic Weapons:

Quality Upgrade Cost Damage
Q1 10 50 Q1 Weapons, 200 Weapon Raw Material 500,000
Q2 30 50 Q2 Weapons, 400 Weapon Raw Material 1,000,000
Q3 100 50 Q3 Weapons, 600 Weapon Raw Material 1,500,000
Q4 200 50 Q4 Weapons, 800 Weapon Raw Material 2,000,000
Q5 300 50 Q5 Weapons, 1000 Weapon Raw Material 2,500,000

Research Center:

Quality Upgrade Cost Resource
Q1 10 200 Food Material, 200 Weapon Raw Material, 10 Currency 1 work token
Q2 30 400 Food Material, 400 Weapon Raw Material, 20 Currency 2 work token
Q3 100 600 Food Material, 600 Weapon Raw Material, 30 Currency 3 work token + Hyper bar
Q4 200 800 Food Material, 800 Weapon Raw Material, 40 Currency 4 work token + Hyper bar
Q5 300 1000 Food Material, 1000 Weapon Raw Material, 50 Currency 5 work token + Hyper bar


For every 30 created Missiles, player is gaining an Engineer medal, which gives 5 gold.

Also, the damage from the Missiles is calculated into the damages for True Patriot, True Ally and True Revolutionary medals.