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First i wish you all welcome reading this article and i want to show you how you should play this game, at least those players who doesn t buy packs. 

:) Step 1: Make account ( i will call it bot , not multi, just bot),  it will be nice that bot is made trough referral so basically player that made that bot account  will have big gold income from referrals golds and  smth that is even better you will get gems. Now when you made bot account we can go to step 2-

Step 2: You will ask admin to give you starter pack,  and bot got SP. 

Step 3: Most important step, Bot first day play, do things, change avatar, join MU, party, etc, then bot is set under sitter option. Now game start. most important thing is that you don t have donations via bot to anyone, you buy things from markets or contracts. in 10-15  days you will get around 5k golds or more from medals , it will be easy for bot to buy weps food, even packs for gold from other players which will generate more golds etc. Not to mention that so far referral trough bot has register have more than 500 golds from referrals and at least 20 gems.

Step 4:  start to send golds to treasury not much, little by little, so far bot have shot at least 500b against enemy players who doesn t have privilege to get a lot golds from medals.Multiply this with at least 50-Step 

Step 5 . when you shot everything that you had its time to stop playing, golds from medals stopped, etc... Its time to degrade what you have and golds are again poured into country treasury.How to  catch bot ?Bot is usually starter pack player who didn t bought q1,q2,q3 hospitals even that he had a lot of golds or player who didn t  upgrade training grounds. (These 2 things only admin cans see) rest things normal players can see, bot is player that doesn t have discord account ( only account in mr bogdan imaginary telegram group), player that doesn t care for pet, player that is register not so long ago. Most of bots didn t finished last event so they don t have bird pet also.

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Copy/pasted it like a n00b ... even with names from erev1 of players that do not play on this server 😅🤣😂
You forgot to mention the source...
@Asmin Why you don t ask for some help, You need help.