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Бугари не мисле тако.
Бугарите си имаат своја историографија.
Честит празник Да живее Македонија
October 23 is an important date for Macedonians as well. On this day in Thessaloniki in 1893, the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization was formed. Tatarchev, Pop Arsov, Haci Nikolov, Dimitrov, Batanciev and Gruev have today started the revolutionary struggle for the liberation of Macedonia; the struggle for gratitude raises the Ilinden Uprising, and the struggle culminates with the creation of the first Macedonian state. for autonomous, free, independent is promoted during the revolutionary and leads to of a massive sense of nationality Macedonians. It encourages a nationwide battle for foreign (Bulgarian-Exarchate, Serbian and Greek) influence of the local population and directs the Macedonian people on the path to policy-making and a modern separate Macedonian nation. Motivated by the national movements of the neighboring nations, the Macedonians strongly started a national revival, building their organizations on the existing ones. The complexity and controversy of the long existence of the Revolutionary Organization, together with its policy changes, have been neglected by the fact that the modern nation. Macedonian identity is strengthened precisely in the period of our history. Long live Macedonia! Happy October 23rd!
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