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Hello friends, a new challenge for you.

Challenge: The one who writes the best proverb in the comment will receive 50 gold!

Wish you luck! o7

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Those we turn a blind eye to today. are the ones that will not make our eyes open tomorrow. Turkmen Proverb.
Don’t blowjob your own trumpet
If the imam farts. the congregation begins to shit. Muslim Proverb. Smile
If you kill the mind, morality will die. When reason and morality die, the nation is divided. Justice dies on the day you buy Kadi. The day you kill justice, the state dies too. Fatih Sultan Mehmet Han.
Join Japan, Join NOW. Kosingas Made.
Better strategic retreat than dishonorable defeat
“The greatest victory is that which requires no battle.”
Same as the other article.. only words and no reward........
“Turn your face toward the sun and the shadows fall behind you.” —Maori proverb.
Daj assecu 2 multija i pokrast će cijelu državu, nebitno koja je igrica - croatian proverb
what is proverb
Proverb is burger king. You can write here your favorite hamburger.
A drowning man will clutch at a straw
Practice the falls, before you fly. 😉
the difference between screw and a pregnant women is that you can never unscrew pregnant women
volitza- ofc pork :wink:
The more they try to kill me the more they reveal I am on the right path
A day without a smile is one lost