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Admin & warfare

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Hello, seems that admin impression is that players agree with warfare implementation. He told me that only a few complains about it.

He still thinks that helps new players :D

So, let s inform admin our impression, by using ticket system. Everyone who thinks that warfare it s not an good update, please make a ticket :

Dear admin,
please remove warfare because it s obvious that it ruins the gameplay and it s used only by big players, despite the fact you ve added it to help the small players.

Thank you.

Comment below that you send ticket so we know the number of players who send ticket

Article is copied from MrBogdan from erev 1


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Ticket send
Just did
I think only players that have Erev1 account can send via ticket... But everyone can simply PM the admin account and send him message telling him his opinion about warfare... its same thing as ticket..
#nodoublestandards warfare is good.
You didnt seemed bothered by warefare when boby wasn t playing and your country was winning thantks to it
How the fuck it helps new players when they dont have enough items to do something? Admin use fuucking brain just once.
It helps with spending. If boby or his podgizne muhe, wants to win, they need to buy rpg or weps and use that warfare. It is easy thing to get balance in the game. Hard thing is to have dtrong and structured country that have strong income and active and strong workforce.
warfare is only good for players who have big production and big straight. It is shit for new players, for example I can win battle in 30 second where 50 new players shooting all day, there is no purpose for new players. Nuke and bombs are ok but warfare is not good