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This will be a basic tips about this new game that may help u improve ur starting account ,
hope u like it and vote/Sub , i sub back : ) (Post link in Comments)

TIP #1 Invite ur Friends !

- This is one of the better ways to get money right now , helping ur country grow also great way to get gold ,
 Reward :  5g Society Builder Medal  + 10% of all his Medal winnings and Gold Purchases

TIP #2 Hit in the Battle !

- Without doubt this will be the best and easiest ways to make Gold on ur account , the main combat system of the game
Reward 1G Reward for LVL UP - 5G Medals for Fighting in diferent battles (Ur Country Battles , Battles for RW s , and Battles of Ally)

TIP #3 Work for Urself  !

-u can work for urself and is one of the best ways to boots ur produccion ,
just put a work offer for the minimal and work :)
 Reward : Daily worker Tokens 1 (2) on the long run

TIP #4 Sub for Sub !

-A really popular way to make gold on this days, 
is really intensive to get 100 subscribers but is a great way to get that extra starting 
Reward : 5G Media mogul Medal

TIP #5 Good Resource Bonuses !

-For some the most important thing on the game for others not so ,
this without doubt is a huge help in the matter of daily production country that u could even double ur produccion with 100% Resource Bonus
Rewards : U can basically able to Double ur Produccion with the Right Bonuses

Hope u like this basic guide ! , there is some of my experience in this kind of games ^.^
Stay strong ! we will see each other on the battle o7 
(Sorry for grammar mistakes if there is some)

Feel free to add ur tips on the comments !



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you are a genius man how did you find them out?? Smile
all experience ^^ , there still more stuff , i may make a bigger list in the future , thanks Wink
S4S https://www.erev2.com/en/newspaper/200
S52 V11 https://www.erev2.com/en/newspaper/206 o7
s57 v17
votado o7
votado Surprised
smart boy :o
S 106
https://www.erev2.com/en/newspaper/232 s4s
Gracias por el consejo!
Maybe it can help to newbies, but most players know all of this.
mind blown
And so what? I think 99.9% of us have play the twin game and the other i can spell the name
You are so smart.. WOW... mr obvious....
meh, voted
xD o7
bastards xD , just trying to teach to the NEWS! ,