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Greetings to the community!

Greece is here and happy to help your account grow stronger and richer. Join us and enjoy:

1) Salaries worth nearly 1 gold (0,012 is our official cc rate)


2) We are offering 90% of the tax as a refund for company upgrades as fast as possible. More info here           

3) Our bonuses are currently 80-80-100 but soon they are going to grow even more.


4) You can always contact me and buy cc for a 0,012 cc rate.


You can always join our community and get to meet many active people who are willing to make our country stronger day by day! You can contact our CP for this issue...

Do not miss the chance, come to meet us and have fun all together!



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V (Pepi and Safer are having an affair)
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Το ότι η Ελλάδα σαν χώρα θα έλεγε αυτό. Greece IS HERE TO HELP YOU μακάρι να το δούμε και στην πραγματικότητα ^_^
Greece is here to help you (big salaries, tax refunds and more)
@mark00st we sell through donations for 0,012 to our citizents and producers for MM safety from attacks ^_^
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