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Hello everyone!

In this article I m gonna be saying a few words about Croatia.
A week ago we all managed to agree that we will come back to Croatia and unite under one Millitary Unit.
This was a huge step for Croatia in every aspect possible. Especially because this time we are trying really hard to hold our differences aside.
We ve been playing these games for years now and most of us know each other already from previous ones.
So after we all managed to come together we also had to talk about where do we see Croatia in future?

One of the most important thing that was always the subject directly on indirectly was definitely an alliance.
As you all know we are part of Pantheon. A fine working alliance with experienced people in Headquarters.
But still we had to question ourselves if this is really what s gonna work for us?
There were many arguments towards this subject and in the end most of them went to favor of leaving the alliance.

Croatians decided they re gonna go neutral. And step by step form new MPPs.
Some we may hurry some may not, it all depends on the future events.
Most of us have a huge respect towards the organization of Pantheon, but there are reasons we wanna start a new journey.

Croatia would like to sends thanks for the journey we had with you as an alliance.
We are opening our diplomatic relations in search of a new chapter.

Thank you o7



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kad ce hrvacka verzijaili bar srpska
bravo, vracam se doma
Lol Admins supported your article. @Admin Stop being bias Sad
Signed - Ragn0
Good Job o7
S v c o7
Butterfly doors
good luck o7
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