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Here the final of past article!!

The 10 numbers of sub ion picked ramdomly

20 food q5 for these players:
1st  number: 56
2nd number: 97
3rd number: 33
4th number: 52
5th number: 124
6th number: 107
7th number: 41
8th number: 1
9th number: 124 

and the winner of the house

10th number: 15
1 House Q1 + 10 good Q5

Thanks for ur participation!


Comments (15)

¿Yo que numero era?
nice ! o7
O7. S56 Smile
o7 Why Sub 124 apear 2 times? Smile Gj anyway
S99 o7
i m 124 D:
Thanks all for participate! Wait for next event!
i won food weeeee thanks o7
thx, o7
Next time write the nicks of the winners Smile
Yo quiero