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Hello everyone.

This is my first article entirely in english so for those of you who don t know who I am - Hi,i m boikov.Nice to see ya all :P

I d like to start with - I don t condemn anyone for their preferred style of play.If the system allows it,than you can do it.Visa or not - it s up to you,it s your money to spend if the game allows it.What i d like to talk about is the game itself.I myself focused my entire game on one thing - searching for new players,helping them with anything i can and trying to better the game itself.Me and xAtilaBGx are responsible for like half of the population of the country.I ve got more than 250 refferals(the ones who didn t use referals are way more) which i worked like crazy to get so that we can have a more populated server and thus more fun to the game in general.Now lets make some math here.I have 250 referals(of course not all active,but still i doubt there are many people out there with more contribution to the population),i invested enough money to have 2 stars on my profile(almost 3) and i m an extremely experienced player in those types of game so i know how to make money inside of it.I have 160 mil damage for my country from the begining of the game - that is 5 months of gaming
in the battle Serbia vs Brazil today one player has pretty much the same damage as me in a single battle that i managed to achieve in 5 months

I understand that every enterprise needs money so that it can survive,but this is insane.I ve played browser games my hole life and i ve never seen something as unbalanced as this.What reason to play do any new players have?To stay and watch a few people with their unlimited finance destroy the fun out of the game?They stand no chance of ever being in competition.Their only choice is becoming a high class paying player as well.And this is coming from someone who as well has spent money on the game.

I was extremely happy to see the cooldown update yesterday,because that would ve gotten us tons of balance between paying and none paying players,because lets face it,there are big VISA players on both sides.And now i see Erev team instantly backing down due to pressure from a few players who s ego is only outshadowed by their unlimited VISA,saying they didn t know there was a big war going around.Honestly?You re the admins,you have moderators,a team,contacts with playersHow do you not notice the main thing happening in your game?

This is not why:
- I spend hundreds of hours searching,convincing and recruiting new players for the game - over 250 personal refferals and at least as much players registered without any links.(If you don t trust me i can send you pictures on personal messages) and when I report a cancerous player who insults and trolls the entire country I get false hopes of judgement and then get ignored.
- I spend hundreds of dollars for the game so that i can improve my ingame financial situation so that i can help out any new player who needs assistance
- I spend so many hours writing detailed tutorial articles for new players(because there really isn t one that explains basic stuff easily or any other mechanism to help a newly registered player familiarize himself with the game) - Native Tutorial
- Spending a fortune of in game gold for creating special programes to make newly registered players feel like they matter to someone and that perhaps the VISA isn t that important in the game -  Boyscouts
- Spending even more time,creating unique ways for new players to have fun without having to compete with huge VISA players - like the special tournament I did with rankings,hall of fame and prizes - Tournament

I m sorry.Don t get me wrong.I still like the game s original idea and what it could be.I believe it still has potential.But until any actual changes regarding balance between paying and none paying players occur i will seize all my activity in promoting,explaining and making the game more fun for new players.You can still get money out of your game.I m the living example of that.You got almost 3 stars worth of money out of me without me spending 1 penny on energy drinks,atleast 10-20 other players that i found also invested in gold to upgrade companies,training grounds and such ...anyways...until that time occurs I m two clicking.



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Nice one, in two clicking also Smile
So much hard work and nerves destroyed by admin s greed for money.
Good point and well explained.
you talk like a idiot, what visas ? celio and chickerino had more dmg than best bulgarian unit 2 people had more dmg than 100 ????????????????
Nice mentality,Gil.This speaks a lot about the issues i was talking about in the article.Money and ego.That s all there is with some players.
It was so nice to be with you. But don’t worry, we ain’t looking for new players. Let admins pay for baby boom with 5 new active players Laugh We will go to another game Wink
The funniest thing is the reason why they put cooldown on hold so they said they did not know there is big war in progress , wtf ? you did not put cool down only on one side , you forbidden buying energy for both sides so why would that be unfair ? that is because they had a few players playing with real money and others are cheering and acting badass faces based on others money ,insane
KFC! o7
If you had more than 250 from your ref link. You could buy some bars too and fight back Instead of crying. What do you expect from admins, they cant run the game if they dont have some basic income from it. Think about it. Also BG has some gold buyers too maybe they are not tanks like celio or chick but if you reorganize you can fight back. I m sick of your nation crying all the time here. Peace
Voted and supported
the longest cry ever
Remove health package from the store.
Mistiko if you don t have time to read an article,don t bother commenting it.It will be either ego or money with you people.Did you even readwhat i ve said?I ve got the referals and even with them i stand no chance to the Visa master race.And i explicitly said in the article that BOTH sides have that not just the one.When the situation was kinda reversed(I say Kinda because no one in my country has spend so much damn money to win fights) me and my MU quietly moved to another country so there would be more balance to the game even tho creating an alliance isn t really an amoral move here.Now when you re on the VISA fan bus all you do is insult and whine.If you don t like the article and what i m fighting for - go away and play your game.I wish you all the best.
Good article. This is not about the balance. This is about the incane spend of money. Should be limit per day to buy ED, limit per day to use ED or other restriction.
I agree fully, but this problem has been here from the start. I did not hear any complaints when Bulgaria was uncontested. Yes, Brazil hits VISA hard, but they are not the only one. Before not too long, Diesel was hitting as much in battle as the whole Croatian Army since the beginning of server has hit altogether. And yet, admins would not even hear our complaints about the disbalance. And I was not even talking about disbalance between alliances, I was talking about the disbalance between ONE player vs. WHOLE COMMUNITY. Also, this thing with WW going on and thus stopping the cooldown is just funny, as we have been in a perpetual war since the beginning of server. Following this logic, all that VISA players have to do is continue waging wars.
fck visa
Agreed. There should still be a way for tanking if a player wants to, but right now the influence a few players could have is just insane compared to normal players. There should be a way to make it more balanced (and not necessarily by putting a limit to health packs, i don t know).
Eres un capo Saludos y suerte.