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bravo o7
*leaving my hate here*
say we make 3-4 alliances who would beat brazil then? we currently have 6/10 of top 10 countries as you cry for and we can not push back brazil say we split do you know what will happen? Brazil will do whatever they want and rest of world will fight between us for who brazil favors.Dont mix up things it aint like it used that USA-Brazil-Bulgaria were close in strength right now Brazil is stronger in numbers if you put USA+Bulgaria and + a third country of our alliance So in the end what you propose is we break our OP alliance as you say and submit our asses to Brazil as boss.Sorry but i prefer to quit the game
First of all there will be cooldown,so Brazil s power will be reduced. Also, our VISAs will see a balance game,so they wont overspend anyways. And OFC will play again as 100% mercenaries since game will be fair for all sides. All these,if TNT dissolve and war end Wink
What Chris said Laugh one more thing, you re the ones who drove Turks, Iranians and others to Brazil, if their countries hadn t been deleted, they wouldn t have come to Brazil
perfect review
sry, but this is bs. brazil is stronger that TNT, and u r suggesting a max of 3-4 countries in an alliance, lol
The best idea ever, instead of being over-dramatic we as a community should cooperate I mean how hard can it be. There is a reason why we all play this game, cause we enjoy it. The changes must happen without a doubt, however, its like admins now have to take side and if they do there will be no point in playing this game whatsoever. TNT Breaks into couple of alliances OFC becomes 100% Merc. CD will be implemented no OP tanking will happen its true VISAs are already far ahead from us ordinary people but well fucc its better than just giving up. isnt it? and yeah aftere this we ll see what happens. This kind of games should be exciting new opportunities changing geopolitical scene and all that good stuff, just have hope in this community lol. WE CAN DO IT !! xD
tedo being serious today lol, thats a new thing Laugh
@CSKABG1 Start making difference by changin your profile picture. NON-VISA lives matter!!
And what about OFC? You want TNT disbanded but OFC untouchable. Host to any country and overpower this country. Something s wrong to the equation here...
what equation lol OFC has always been around OP or not they strive for money (well they at least should) If all of us agree on fair game they should continue that way. I mean come on they are even in rooms with governments talking about NAPs once it stops everything will fall into its place.
they do not shoot against hosting country and they never host in small countries. What s that you do not understand?
OFC will play as mercenaries for both sides. And we will set a limit ,either we will just defend Brazilian battles ( So we will not help on attacks),either we will fight in a x number of battles for brazil etc. I give you my word for that, that OFC will not be the factor that will bring unbalance once again.
I am gonna change my profile picture when the changes are done.
+1 @ktab
some people might even leave OFC. new alliances, new blood and I mean there is so much u can do when it comes to balancing game artificially. We gotta wait and see. Compromises should be made maybe OFC splits up into 2 - 3 MUs around the alliances. IDK figure it out dude stop flaming. I got some ideas
+1 Chris 👏👏👏
OFC ain t AA, there won t ever be a split
I also agree on the CD on bars but it should be done once the war is over and not in the middle to favor one side over the other. The problem of using the VISA to win battles comes from the personal vendetta of a few players that want to wipe Brasil at all costs and join 2/3 of world damage in one side to achieve it, the visa is the only thing bringing some balance to the battlefield, TNT has around +400 players than Excelsior and it has 3B more damage per week even with me celio and some others tanking to balance the battlefield, take our damage out and TNT has 2x the damage of Excelsior, fun right? I barely bought any bars when I was in BG, but now I am obliged to do so, so I can help close the stupid difference in land power from both sides of the war. Bars or not TNT strategy and organization in last minutes rushes have been lacking, even visa can only shoot 240 weapons per minute, the potential damage TNT can do in the last minutes of a battle is insane, they just lack commitment to do it
You gotta figure out something otherwise you will be left alone with no one to fight. As much as I hate to admit it they have a valid point somethings gotta change or else it will be a same old story once again or twice again whatever.
tedo123 since when reasonable questions became flaming? You see that chris confirms my sayings above. They do not fight against hosting country. And they significantly overpower the country that hosts them.
I meant the whole community when I said stop flaming I dont see anything other than that and as far as OFC goes you have a valid point their addition to an already strong country makes that country OP. I could suggest somethings but I guess they dont wanna hear. IDK it might be because some of them might be holding grudges against some or whatever but yeah. You guys gotta take some responsibility too I mean thats how you come to a consensus.
Maybe you are right..a bit..but just maybe... I told many you are playing or you are paying. Its i type of gamestyle. If you already spend much money you will continue spending at the possible maximum even if there is a limit. So same players will continue to make more demage than India and Paraguay together. And ofcourse game will be much interesting with more alliances, or it will be easier for VISA players, either of em is equal to more than 10 medium players. And if you ask me did im crying if visa players the answer is: ofc no, im even glad till im watching how they spend real cash in miseral try to win something, that will be lost after week. So Its not only about VISA overpower. Its mainly about lack if rules and bot using (you are doing it and you know it, so dont excuse!). I didnt blame any player except admins. Firstly they have to watch and regulate it. Secondary they SHOULDNT BE ALLOWED TO PLAY the game!!! Its not normal for some players to be able to spend 800 000 energy, when they wants with few clicks(this example is from one picture today, its known its photoshop, but its possible to this moment), till other have to wait 5 hours for 500 energy. And about events, how did you thing its balanced when you made more than sux events for normal player and in same time more bonuses for visa s?! So ADMINS YOU HAVE TO REBUILD ALL RULES IN GAME MAINLY PREMIUM PRIVILEGES AND ALLIANCEs OR YOU WILL HAVE TO THINK ABOUT NEW GAME, AND PROBABLY MANY OF US WOULDN PLAY IT JUST BECAUSE ITS YOURS!
Bravo +1 o7
como traduzco esa wa
u make brazil so strong, if there is no TNT the alliance with 6/10 top countries, and there is no 6 vs 1 war, i will not be in brazil, OFC will be 100% merc, turks will be in turkey and etc . . . +Chris
Hey chicken... you forgot to put in the factor that TNT has people with REAL LIFE, not like OFC, all mercs and all addicted to their computers and with Celio`s VISA...
Khmm, so we are mad-like robots who seek revenge to all? Khmm, really? I am so pleased from that.
И ам боред то деатх шитх тхис гаме
If i am running this Portal, i wont do this cool down shit at all, more like i will work on Credit Card Payment gateway to sell more, but yes i also work on events regular and more events with a cool story board so it wont feel like farmvilla user/player who buy will also spend on the events will make more sense to the game. This should be a pro business portal for investor. Even you download any game on phone it comes with ADS it is not free you want no ADS you need to subscribe them means you pay them. Anyone who ever cry about someone spending his/her money should shut up because its his/her money to spend. If you want free strategic game download some old games like RED ALERT or STRONGHOLD way to awesome to play. If you dont want to spend money then bring your friends as your referral, there are tons of ways to play this game economically, politically and military wise. Do not make a looser argument about some one spending his/her money to get seduction of online gaming. JUST DEAL WITH IT.
Stolen u are absolutely right.
@ChrisGeoRM oh you made one more VISA article, lemme explain 1) Divide et impera 2) LK is made by gold as well as food factories, so again you can buy tons of gold to have it easily 3) 4) 5) agree 6) CD should start now, war will never end 7) 8) agree 9) again add more gold to gold packs so I can buy more for same money, one pack=one q5 factory REALLY? 10) connected to 9), I buy more gold for same amount of money so now I can start buying tons of eb packs bought by a gold..... so funny I hope that you have answer, you had like 6 hours to prepare answer Have fun boi Wink
@JJVG 2). You think i ask it for me? My side can buy more EDs from ur side,so why would i risk to lose this advantage,when for sure some players of ur side will have LKs too (btw admin didnt agreed on LK so no reason to analyze it more). 6). Its your decision to not end the war,our side is asking to end it day now . 9). I already have max companies to i dont even bother to buy more gold,thats for those that want to invest once and have results,since a q5 comp is profitable to help u build more.If you are going to invest,it better worth it...thats my point... 9). My point was to help no visas to buy bars too so they will have more influence on the wars.. Its really fun to shoot with EDs,im sure no visas should feel the same when they do it.And they can add CD on gold packs too,i dont have problem about that...
http://prntscr.com/mllqwh oh lol, in just few hours you crossed your words, I thought that you are honest person......
Im too kind to snob you even if you are just talking with hate against us
Against whom? I just made my opinion and exposed your VISA intentions by that comment. If you don t have proper answers and explanations for articles you made, don t post them anymore. Also if you cannot defend things you writing, refrain from posting them. o/
I mean on feeds,if you cant understand simple things,dont post o7
Shiet article
this is why I wont spend out of special offers, Agreed o7
I don t think this game can be fixed. Very few players. Too many unlimited visas. Admin s decisions change. Players generated hatred from day one.
I dont believe in admins anymore.. As i see they changing there mind for less than day.. What is the chance even after war they decide that dont give a fck about players and dont do CD..
one change.. Georgia is neutral