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And here is a proposal i gave to admin ,some days ago..



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Paraguay is looking countries to build a new alliance
Country should Focus on making babyboom and take advantage of the peace : )
make a OFC country and make 3th alliance Wink
Celio left ? Did he got refund ? Laugh
gvoté, gkomenté, bravo Chris !
now we farm and repeat in 20 days until we are out of players Laugh
No slovenia no vote
Well, to be honest, admin is right. We cannot define what is the actual power since it cannot be measured (it can be measured as total numbers, damage, strength, active and so on but cannot be calculated together). However, I support the idea of smaller alliances and instead of killing small countries we shall give them a chance (for example, if we need a region, we do not have to conquer the whole country, just ask for a region that is concerned).
I think ofc should be disbanded and its members return to their respective countries.
I think ofc should be disbanded and its members return to their respective countries.
Good job o7
I liked when Celio was tanking... I hate this, there is no real battles.. Celio, please return and dominate again.
personally i think the game is dead too, every one plays for having fun, but when the support team and moderators are as shit as possible and don t do their job...... it build toxic environment which only take energy from players and add some anxiety. also when the game is pay to win, and normal can do nothing, there is not either enough crowd to play with the market and neither normal players can be effective in game.... there is no point in spending time here...... i had in mind before our battle with SA started, and now with the NAP i don t see much reason to stay either ..... time is ticking....
Good point, small alliances can be the future of the game. The faster they are formed - the better.
I think ofc should be disbanded and its members return to their respective countries. I think your opinion doesn t matter
should have tanked some expensive escorts and blow instead. just saying. lol.
honestly too much bad blood I was against this Nap we should have pushed for way more What brazil did on the back of celio and ofc was hubris They deserve to be burn down for that 3x100 bonuses? hell no barely cores should be left on em You crying about balance now you used the visa you milked celio and now you pass the ball to us and say see ? game is unbalanced dont go against us after 20 days of the nap Well i say we will see in 20 days and 60 for peru .Brazil mexico peru see you soon
Also lets see if OFC will stay side by side with Brazil without celio now Although i wouldnt blame em if they dont they are merceneries they did what they got paid for and now money or not coming any more
Actually doesnt the existence of a mercenary unit making the game more pay to win? Giving more advanatges and convenience to the visa player.
I think the issue is more basic than that. People are already tired of the genre of the game (Web-Browser Country Simulation). The mechanic of the games doesnt seem to be that difference within the span of 12 years of its existence. These games that have existed have turned into mega P2W. If you cant afford money to fight that, you will have to play multis, or have a lot of referrals which could be abused with multis too. Playing soldier is still easy as you just need to follow orders, but without A TON of them, it is meaningless Playing politics is dead, or at least is very minimal. Hence many countries run as a single monolith with one single purpose. If you and your fellow citizens disagree with your current government, you can just hitchhike to other dead nation and live there OR join a merc. There is no incentive to play politics in these games. Indonesia had a thriving politics in the first game, and it seems to be simmering down as well, as that game is 12 years old already. Playing merchant is the other option. But since playing politics is dead, everyone who have passion about this genre, are playing merchant. Honestly, I think the politics aspect of the game needs to be uplifted, somehow. Make more rewarding, or something, I am not sure either.
now go fuck both sides!
Small countries should get support if they re occupied! It s not a problem just for big countries. If small countries are occupied for a long time they will quit the game and that s how a community die!
Nap is death for small countries,everybody it will conquer ,we all not satisfated.Allience with three countries and nothing more is solution .in RW everybody can libertate region and will be fair not big dmg between strongest and litle strongest
Did Celio leave because his mother confiscated his VISA? Sad I hope she dd nt grounded him.... or did she and thats why he does not play anymore... hmmm...
Kenchi o7, i am watching you
Guys, dont worry. You Will play alone. I And all soa Will stop. Good luck o7
Good idea chris, Admins TAKE NOTE PLEASE!
Outer heaven - strongest MU in the game o7
Well said.. o7
NOTICIAS DE LA SEMANA | BY: PUNTO MEDIO www.erev2.com/es/article/3263
There are some solutions: Make the battle animation better, better graphics, PvE events, something new (fresh and it must be simple), etc..