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Hello everybody!

Over the past 2-3 weeks I ve been assembling a little project that I kind of have been preparing for my entire game here.All players from my country know,that I am a player who always helps out newer players and those in need,providing information about the game as detailed as possible,helping out with products,loans and much more.I spend all of my game here recruiting players(got around 250 players registered with my ref link,and maybe around 200 without it),I helped a lot of players develop their accounts and many players keep playing the game thanks to my efforts(or at least I d like to think I helped in that),made different projects to make the game more fun and easier for the newer players - a big tutorial in my native language, monthly military tournament with rankings and prizes, Boy scouts movement with specific help for newer players and much more.From the beginning of the game I focused all my finances and energy into creating companies so that I can later provide more adequate help to newer players.I ve finished with that,but it came with a cost - Q1 bombs and Q4 training grounds only,but I deviate.So right now I can finally release my project:

What is The eUnited Nations?            


- An independent organization,created by me,with a main focus on:
   + Helping out new players with special programs(Providing free food,cheap houses,occasional weapons,loans,information on the game and prizes for activity) - The organization would greatly help any new player that arrives in game and try to keep it here so that our community can grow stronger and we would support as much as we can ANY member country s plans for Baby Booms.
   + Carry out a fair play and respect in-game policy - I think we can all agree there s nothing worse than cheaters,scammers,flamers and overall toxic people.It s a game,lets have fun and not ruin it with  such things.
  + Try to provide humanitarian aid to smaller countries, devastated by a past war and in rare occasions - possible military protection for smaller  countries,victims of a pointless, unjustified military campaigns that bring no strategic or economical bonus to the bigger and powerful country. - Again,I think we can agree that smaller countries deserve praise for their attempts to develop their communities and we shouldn t just destroy and humiliate them for no good reason.

How can one player finance this project alone?

- Well,as i mentioned - I m done upgrading my companies the way I want them to be,so right now I can make around 15-16 gold pure profit per day from them.I m not interested in stocking up cash and farming forever,so instead i m donating all of the earnings from my companies, referrals, medals and salaries to the project and the community.
- But i will not be completely alone.In my attempts a few more players might follow my lead and provide their companies winnings to the project
- There will be an Official sponsor title slot for a limited amount of players who join the project with a 70 gold or more per month
- Any donations would also be greatly appreciated

+ I believe that the eUN will have around 1000-1200 gold of monthly budget to be spent on its projects,so that s a really strong start in my opinion

Does the eUN need players to help with the organization ?

- Why as a matter of fact yeah.Even tho i can provide for most of the finance I need a strong team to help me with different parts of the project as follows:
   + Chief Election Commissioner(1 spot) - Organizes and administrates the voting process for adding new articles to the Charter
and starting military interventions.
   + Mentor(5 spots) - Aids the eUN President’s attempts to help new players.Distributes free food to new players,keeps
in touch with as many new players as he can and provides information on
the game.
   + Financial assistant(1 spot) - Provides financial advices and tries to better the eUN’s budget.
   + Official Sponsor(2 spots) - Provides additional sponsorship to the eUN’s project of 70 gold or more per month and tries to increase its well being as much as
   + Military General (1 spot) - Organizes the eUN’s military force.Distributes weapons,gives command to the soldiers and makes sure a possible
military intervention would go smoothly.
  + Soldier(6 slots) - Fights for the eUN in any potential battles under the command of the Military General.The Military General and the soldiers would get paid for their hits and would also receive gun supply.Regardless, military actions would be a very,very,very last option.

- This would be the staff of the eUN + The President - me
- Any staff position may come with additional tasks if the player in question would like to help out more
- Any staff member gets a vote on possibly starting military interventions.Put together the votes would result in a Yes or No that the eUN would cast with the rest of the votes from the member countries as 1 vote.
- So if you got time,energy and a desire to help out with all of this,you re more than welcome,just send me a PM.

Who can join and how to join?

- Any country is more than welcome to join!!!
   + It doesn t matter if you re a big or small country,friend or foe in-game
- All member countries would get the same treatment and would receive
the same privileges and rights,while they ll also have to follow the
same few and simple,but fair rules.This is not a military alliance, but a
tool for increasing the population in the game as much as it is
possible and bringing a more fair play to all.
   + There is NO membership fee.Any country can join The eUnited Nations(eUN)


    1.To join the eUN a country s president should read the official Charter of the organization and discuss it with his respected government and citizens
   2.Send any questions that they might have about the Charter
   3.If the country feels like the Charter reflects its own personal beliefs of how the gameplay could be bettered the CP writes a Signed by the president of ***
   4.Starting from the day after that the country would count as part of the eUN and would receive all privileges and rights that the organization brings while it would also have to follow the few and simple rules.

Official Charter of The eUnited Nations
Discord server(soon)


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Boikov o7
Crveni Lav ti li si?
Signed by the president of Bulgaria o7
Nice 👍
Bulgaria - The most Respectful country o7
actually very interesting
Signed by CP of Brazil
Good luck. o7
Sorry but NO VOTE for something like that . In rl this might sound very good but in a game where WAR IS THE ANSWER .... eUN will kill the game ....
Signed by CP of Bolivia
Signed by France Wink o7
@El Tarlo ,no one said you can t go to war.You can fight as much as you want,the eUN itself is also going to have a small force.The Charter doesn t forbid war in general,only wars that are a product of hate,bor or whatever non reason to start a war from a big and powerful country against a smaller and weak country,a war started for no reason at all.99 % of wars out there are fair game,but you can agree that for example a giant in the game like Brazil/Bulgaria or whatever attacks a small country that tries to live peacefully and forms some sort of society like China/Switzerland, without any strategic or bonus benefit,a war started only with the reason for there to be a war may not seem like much from the perspective of the top country,but it may devastate the smaller country.If the smaller country provokes somehow and shows disrespect sure,a war would be fair game,but other than that,starting a war for no reason vs someone like that is simply deprived of honor.If conquering a region from a smaller country would bring you bonus or strategic benefit,sure,go for it,other than that,leave the smaller country alone.Anyways eUN can t kill the game as it s not going to have the military potential of OFC/SoA/OH/BOS or whatever,so it all comes down to the personal beliefs of players and their willingless to follow that rule.Our power will be concentrated in helping the new players,not involve in war.
Signed by the president of Chaina o7
Signed by the president of Belarus Smile O7Smile
Signed by CP of ***IRAN***
@boikov who will determine if the war is not started for a valid reason?
Try to provide humanitarian aid to smaller countries, devastated by a past war and in rare occasions - possible military protection for smaller countries,victims of a pointless, unjustified military campaigns that bring no strategic or economical bonus to the bigger and powerful country. - Again,I think we can agree that smaller countries deserve praise for their attempts to develop their communities and we shouldn t just destroy and humiliate them for no good reason. Invades a 4 small countries in order to get full bonuses
voted and subbed, love seeing programs for new folks.
@megablade everyone will via voting.Each cp has 1 vote +1 vote from the eUN.
I think it would be so manipulable, if we consider a lot of desert countries in this game have been takeover for player with another citizen. The idea is good, but, I think many thing can be improve 😀
Good luck with this project!
@Megablade starting a military campaignisnt going to be that simple.It has to get a lot of votes firstly,and CPs also get 1 veto per month to use so they can also cancel the military campaign discussed for the month.Also eun strike force isnt going to be that great to make such a great impact on a battle,its going to be more of a gesture to the victim of such an attack.
Signed by soon to be CP of Australia
Boikov o7
Haha, and you had to win the UN president elections to become the president,or? eLife time president? Cheeky Looking like a helpful MU? Cheeky
Nice o7
Nice idea enhances role play
Boikov the best, many players here flame him, just aks yourself what you do for this game ? Did you did more than boikov ? No one do
Signed by CP of Argentina
Bulgaria - The most Respectful country o7
Signed by CP of Czech Republik
Firmado por el Dueño de eMéxico XD Saludos (°.°)7
Count with me! @boikov Smile
We will have the UN Peace Corps!
Mi nacion japon borrada por los tiranos sk injustamente
Great one, again o7 .. Boikov is the eMan! @Vote
Boikov o7
United Nations giving weapons to those who are without weapons. I feel humor.
Signed by the president of Croatia
Signed by CP of Sweden o7
I am one of all. Thank you Boikov! о7
Signed by CP of Switzerland. o7
Signed by CP of France. o7
Signed by CP of México
Signed by CP of Macedonia o7
Signed by President of Georgia
Signed by president of Ireland. o7 Do I donate to you Boikov if I want to contribute?
signed by cp of Uruguay
Signed by Cp of Norway
Signed by CP of Thailand!
Signed by CP of Portugal o7