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Brazilian edition coming soon ... / Edição brasileira em breve ...
I vote for ChrisGeoRM!
I thought SA hired the hacker to fk u Chris :thinking:
Turkey? really?
I am not voting for Chris... he hasn t paid me for days now !!! :^)
Chris for lifelong president!!!
Njab CP? Get down Brazil xD
Midor Estuvo aqui...
Vote for Chris!
Vote for me Laugh
Chickerino for CP
By being a mercenary land, that mean we also have a MPP rotation every month so... it s better to keep the game alive Laugh
Big thanks of Republic of Macedonia for Chris
Unfortunately Chris, I have noticed that you are making mistake in your article mentioning country with the name FYROM. We can not recognize any country in the game called FYROM. As far as I know, your MPP is signed with Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) and I hope that you will respect this. Please check your official MPP s http://prntscr.com/n7mq5a If your statement is that you are fighting for those one who are paying you, than if FYROM paid you, you will have to fight for FYROM, Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) did not pay you to fight for FYROM. Please respect this and take into consideration!!!
And yes, just to copy Kaveh, this new development will most likely make some of you happy... Wink
biggest lol of the century, everyone knows what he means by FYROM, if I were him, I wouldn t write out the whole thing either, too much work
Its inside the ()...
@Matejsh do you have inferiority complex or smth ? you can t deal with your country s real name suddenyl ?
@Safer Sorry, I cannot help you with your lack of education and understanding the things.
I think it s called North Macedonia now :thinking:
Marty , before you say something check the facts.It is illegal as and the government.They got that while missing 1 more vote and published without country president signature.So it is only REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA !!!
As a friend said before, do not let them enter your house cause after a while they are going to claim it is theirs... And no, this friend of mine is not Greek, he was the legendary commander of the legendary AA!
Καλή επιτυχία
what is Macedonia? A region in Greece? Artificially made country like Kosovo... A land with bulgarians taken legally(in quotes) from Bulgaria by... **the great powers** ;d and for years they have been brainwashing ppl there... if we must be accurate 28 years ago.. i`m 31 years old, when i was born there was no FYROM? Laugh whatever... be healthy македонци