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OFC o7
get rekt fulol next time whats your mouth Smile macedonia is greece o7
Well done
Midor Estuvo Aquii...
OFC o7
OFC o7
OFC 07
OFC o7
pray for macedonia/fyrom
OFC o7
Macedonia cry now Sad And back gold for broken MPP Cheeky
Finally some healthy news! OFC o7
OFC o7
Cry cry cry : (
Hail Greek macedonia Laugh RIP fylol
OFC o7
/me applying for BR CS
they got a lot for 60 gold lol...
No need to have any cooperation with someone who disrespect my country, my identity, my tradition. I even regret why I have believed that someone has developed and open his mind, in the recent period, but the latest situation showed the different, someone has decided to remain in his RL misery and to compensate it by insulting around. Therefore, all OFC with your beloved leader are welcome to help Serbia and Bulgaria to wipe us as much as they want, if this will makes you happy and satisfied.
Good job 👏
Serbia is a force Wink
FYROM played themselves
Go away ! We don t need someone to defend us while disrespecting my country,Republic of MACEDONIA !
Now is fyrom, yesterday mkd xD Shame on you Chris Cheeky
I never called them mkd
Guess what, after they are deleted, they are going to disappear from the feeds and become vocal again after they gain some good allies to fight and do most damage for them...
Use fyrom more Smile) Thanks to the soldiers who helped in the battles! o7
You should change your moto guys.
@ChrisGeoRM I will pay you 1000 gold to shout whole month Macedonia for Macedonians
you greeks have in blood treason! shame
Idk what is difference between fyrom and macedonia... could anyone enlighten me?
Leave rl talk out guys, consider that a warning.
AMK o7
Cogairan free lesson for all of you who don t know history.Till bucharest treaty (1913) the region Macedonia,also know as Aegean Macedonia was part of Republic of Macedonia.Before the treaty the southern neighbor was north to mountain Olympus.Now, after the treaty, they made a genocide.They killed innocent people(kids and women too), they burned the villages,towns,just because they were Macedonians.They (greek) even don t allowed to speak Macedonian in homes(Metaxas dictatorship).They still don t allow us the right of self-determination,they name us Macedonians by other names,the country Republic of Macedonia by other names, etc .. Even a greek MP(Nikos Filis) know that.He said in the their(greek) Parliament that they made a genocide !
And now about that they add adjective in the name Republic of Macedonia.It is illegal.They voted it with missing 1 more vote( they needed 81,not 80(2/3+1 vote)) and published that without Country President signature.
it is not fyrom you little retard
Most funny thing i read today. Nice one Phoenix, you made my day Laugh
@PhoenixXx LOL if that is the propaganda you get fed with, no wonder you are all trying to prove smth that isn t there. If you want a normal debate find the documents of US goverment creating an artificial country [ fyrom ] for geopolitical reasons xD
Would you say it is funny if change the sides ? Would you laugh if Macedonia did that to your country ? I don t think so.. I don t have time to waste with someone who is blinded with hatred.Just one more thing.Start studying history because you have to learn too many things.
Safer hahaha US goverment ? We have first sign of Macedonia country(kingdom) 7 century B.C while no one knew about America before 15 century. Hahahaha
No you didn t xD Alexander the great as well as his city state and later on the greek empire he mada had nothing to do with you, you as well as the language you speak and write are slavic origin languages Laugh
And you proof is a video of a dead politican, that didn t even pass his school lessons and got paid behind the table about various stuff xD Just by giving him as an example you have lost any power you have, if you had any, in your arguments xD
Uruguay will replace Fyrom for free we dont need to pay us 60 gold just send the law Laugh
I can t understand all this hatred to Republic of Macedonia, to Macedonians.Tell me why you hate it! The irony is that you claim Alexander III Macedonian, also known as Alexander the Great, as yours when he was at war with all greek city-states without Sparta, and destroyed it.That is like to Jews claim hitler as their.That is ironic.That is oxymoron. Macedonia exist since 7 century B.C, as free or under occupation. If you say Macedonia was not in the maps too much time I will answer you with question that is same answer.Do you have brain because you can t see it.Use your head to think logically... And before continue the debate, go educate yourself.That is necessary.It is necessary for your health.Stupid and not well educated person saying things that is not right(not knowing the facts or just ignoring the truth even you know it ) for sensitive things like this can lead too ... You know what.. I will let you imagine that to not scary you before sleeping 😉
Интересно защо българите както винаги мълчат и гък не казватза т.нар. македонците какви са и кои са. Пак мълчание и мишкуване катов рж.
Greece was splitted in Cities/States back then. Macedonia was one, Athens was another one, Sparta was another one and so on. So you said it by ur self by referring Sparta.... Sleep tight o7
You don t know what to answer , haha.You answered me something irrelevant that i know... So much hatred , for what ? Even you don t know why ... It is unbelievable how much can make you politicians hate somebody (like they killed your family), just for no reason, and make business from that... Stupid people...Till there are sheep like you it will be wool for them.
It seems like you dont know what to answer ,wouldnt expect something different from a monkey Laugh