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lol Laugh
do you believe yourself in bs you write in your articles?? Laugh
Wait. You were in an alliance chat with me before you joined DS? Something doesn t smell right.
what a load of bull sh_t crap
So, was Brazil with ds from start or not?? 😒
ofc i was in the alliance chat as Mercs. Since i was invited since day 1, and i asked like 10 days to give you my final response and join the alliance officially.
Why did you even want that region? It s pretty useless for you.
It has strategic meaning for me. Its not useful for you either ,since you dont need this bonus.
This world is full of propaganda
lol Laugh
Hi, I m Breslain.. and I like being GANGBANGED
Breslain why do you keep going for political roles? LOL
There is no good reason to own any land in the UK as Brazil... nor for Spain to have land in Scandinavia. Considering that Ireland has historically, in this game, controlled large parts of Scandinavia and the UK, it seems quite back handed to some of us in Ireland, considering it s coming from someone we thought of as friends.
I had my reasons to go for this lands, you couldnt liberate them from USA, i did. So i was going to get them for my own reasons. Also idk what this has to do with the friends thing.. So whoever has regions in UK isnt ur friend? Also let me remind you that you left alliance cuz of us..Not so friendly at all Wink
wow, so if a Mercenary MU RWs any region in the world, then all the world must refrain from taking it? Just as Brazil, Ireland also wanted that region. You could have used diplomacy but you decided to use this vile excuse to attack a friend.
@Lalo it seems like u have missed some episodes.
LoL its easy to miss, alliances changing every few days Smile
Ofc Neither world nor it’s bonuses aren’t yours.
Lets delete Irish cafee
delete Ireland, was an enemy of UK hahaha
hail Ireland o7