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Signed by SC of SMP
Chris o7
Signed by Brasil CP
signed by USA CP
Firmado por un humilde ciudadano peruano de a pie
Rosiel firma bonito mrd
signed by the Emperor of Peru 🖋
Signed Kirito the Magister Emperor of Peru 🖋 o7
Hail Peru!
smp o7
#TeamEris Hail Peru! Good agreement! Surprised
Firmado por un ciudadano eperuano
Signed by shadow council
What s SMP?
Mis gente se puso las rodilleras ...
Y el Pisco?
Signed by Court Justiciar of King Ktab.
el pisco es chileno @millo75 Cheeky
this is the most weird agreement i ever read
and Uruguay?
Signed by shadow council