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Signed by MoFA of CRO: Shiba Tatsuya
MM war between Serbia and SMP?
Signed by Croatian CP
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lets wipe bulgaria Laugh
Singed by SC of SMP
Again a lie, nothing failed, there werent no negotiations, there cant be since you simply dont want to sign anything;
When u propose an offer like you did, and the other side rejects it,like we did. And you leave the room,it means that negotiations failed. Not my problem if u dont know basic english...
When you invite us to a room to tell us there wont be any agreement cause of your big ego it means that nothing failed cause there were no negotiations to begin with, not my problem that your iq is low, your mental age is 9 and that you have ceirtain irl problems, ik its hard for you but you can say the truth once in a while.
hahahahah Deflection,by using my words it show how low u are... Low IQ ppl are repeating what other ppl say, thanks for confirm that the lemon i have on my fridge is even smarter than you Laugh No wonder why your country is getting lower day by day. Keep talking alone, and barking while we beat you in everything. Laugh
I see who doesnt understand basic english now Laugh
Dont forget to say hi to my fan club, i see they use my avatar now. No wonder why the best period of BG in this game,was while OFC was there Laugh
Are you still mad and selling your acc cause you got muted by a mod yesterday? Such a pain, right in the ego...
Muted? You mean the mod that muted me for no reason and i got unmuted 20 mins after? And they even apologized for the mistake Laugh
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I mean muted after calling a person a fag and swearing at an entire nation, after which you got mad and said ur selling ur acc, then you went to cry to the admin and he only warned you, so he can ease the pain you were in... Laugh
You obviously dont know what fag mean..Poor english knowledge as i said. And i didnt got any warning since i said nothing that insulted everyone. Just the truth,that most of ur countrymen have lower IQ than the lemon on my fridge Laugh See ya loser,you can keep crying all the night Kiss
Obviously we get to the conclusion for a second time that you dont know basic english along with many other things such as how to behave like a human being Laugh, See ya loser, ill be here, you can keep answering all night Kiss
Are you rephrasing my messages or something? Dont even have the required IQ to create simple words and make new sentences hahahahhahahahhahahah I went once in your country,they had newspapers on their windows ,instead of shutters, and i was wondering how ppl in Balkans can be so low...Then i met some guys like you here and i understood xD
http://prntscr.com/o65qdo Laugh Laugh Laugh Ive met a lot of people with problems like yours in those games, and i pity them, believe me mate, the game is not gonna help you...
All I am seeing is that Chris is commenting about someone’s IQ. Basic, boring, and lack of knowledge. All of us know that you love insulting other people so try not being too limited. Thanks! Ps: waiting for you to insult me in stupid way.
@Espor,nah by using your name i will insult the real Espor and i dont want that Laugh
@chris you clearly dont know Defecation, its pointless to have a reasonable chat with him, dont bother
Marci, like i would every try to have a serious conversation with any of the Bulgarians Laugh I just wait the time to pass till my ban on lol expire xD
No1 to cry to there to invoke the ban? Are u selling ur acc there now too? Laugh Laugh
SMP o7
Djurdjo smart boy
Good job, kurvati! We always know that you all are not friends of BG and just want we to help you. Hail Georgia! Hail Bulgaria! Hail MKD!
Hail SMP!