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Interview with Wolf
Saudi Arabia CP Candidate
by Wo0ty

1. So, what’s your name? Introduce yourself?

My name is Vuk, I am Software engineer from Serbia. My 3 biggest passions in life are: Women, Games, Training
2. When and why did you start playing this game? 
I was looking for a good strategic game to play with my friend Wo0ty and to show my excellent strategic-political skills. He found this game first and started one day before me. Now I have double his exp and more strength even though he started first.
3. What can you say about current situation in your country 
The current situation is not really that bad but it requires some changes. Saudi Arabia was doing really great job until Salah become CP. That s when thing went south. He made some irrational decisions which lead to his impeachment. There is not much activity in country right now which I plan to change, also i ll make major changes in our war effort.
4. Your opinion about world war ending 
During WW4, Saudi Arabia had really rough times. Betrayed by allies we fought against Bulgaria which is land of 1k active people/multi accs, and we only have a little bit over 100.Needless to say we proved that every man from SA is worth 10 Bulgarians. We liberated our country and have all our cores now. With right leadership we can return back to top 3 countries. We were no part of any Alliance during this war. We had mpp with USA which in my opinion was beneficial for both parties and I hope we will continue our good relations with USA during my mandate. Luckily for Bulgaria our path to their cores was cut off. I hope that they will reach to me when I become CP so we can talk about their surrender.
5. What are your future plans for SA regarding economy , politics, war 
I won t discuss my plans for future war efforts of SA but I ll tell you that right now we are well stocked even though we were in war few days ago. Also I ll tell you we won t stop our war against Bulgaria until we get decent offer from them.
Now from economic and political view, We are very economically strong country. I plan to raise 20 Q6 Country Weapon factories during my mandate which I believe is good number for start. Those factories will be funded by Country treasury and our citizens. Companies will be made on accounts of our trusted players. I plan to return our old system of building companies. Country will give loans to players with highest level companies so they can upgrade them with zero interest.
I invite all people to join SA now and receive this benefit. If you look at our Military unit Brotherhood of Steel , which no doubt is one of the best right now, you will see only high rank players. That is because we fight really aggressively, always with weapons which are given by government. Political-wise my party صلاح مثلي الجنس is no doubt current leader in country. I plan to change the way congressman are chosen but more of that in next interview. I ll do my best to keep relations with SMP on good grounds. Also I ll talk with Croatia s representatives so we can perhaps negotiate mpp. I am not supported of our MPP with Albania and I ll look forward to ending of that mpp. Reason being is Albania is not that big country. (Yeah we are not big either but we are very active which Albania lacks). I will be talking with Albanians representatives also about giving us path to Bulgaria so we can continue our successful war effort.
6. Who will be the part of your government?
I have already chosen who will run government alongside me. Harisharko will be our Prime Minister as he has done great job in his previous mandate as CP. Minister of Defense will be covece. Great will be Minister of Foreign Affairs. And Benito will be Governor. Lokomotiva Miricina Will be Minister of Education.
7. Biggest gay in Saudi Arabia Salah or Salah?
I won t discuss Salah s sexual orientation as it is widely known. Its good thing he left the game. Now we ll make some progress without his toxic behavior.


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lmfao Laugh Laugh Laugh Laugh Laugh
Haven’t laughed so hard. Thank you for making all of us laughing! Laugh Laugh Laugh
Espor the emperor of Nova Alliance has spoke! hahahahah We in SA called him poor guy who is proud of the stars from another guy
is it a faking joke😁
A guy from a sh%th{le county has spoken!
nema mene, ima vote i endorse
Needless to say we proved that every man from SA is worth 10 Bulgarians // Yeah,after 2 months of being deleted/having a few teritories,you really showed us who s boss // We liberated our country // Not really your country.Just swapped flags because it s easier to get bonuses down there instead of staying in your actual country and working for it Smile // 1k active people/multi accs // Funny thing to be accused of multies from a SA player // We were no part of any Alliance during this war // No Alliance. Except the billions and billions of damage that USA and Brazil,the only 2 3x100 bonuses countries that did for you in every single battle you had vs us.And you still got deleted.Congratz,you really showed us. // Also I ll tell you we won t stop our war against Bulgaria until we get decent offer from them // You did get a decent offer.Harisharko wanted peace only if Espor is no longer president.We were ready to give you all your cores back.The second another president was chosen he started stalling and not answering any PMs.Then an article came up 2 days later - a meme article that there will be peace if Bulgaria donates you 1k gold or something.You know,like any rational person would do instead of discussing things like adults.No one is interested to fight with you,but your ego is just too big so no matter what offer we sent you you will decline it,so don t even bother saying you d consider peace.Instead of liking US/Brazil butts try to bring a few players to the game to even the chances and fight us like men.I have more refferrals(active ones) than you have population,so don t accuse us of multis or anything like this.I alone did more for the game than your entire country has.All you do in this game is troll,curse,fall down to chauvinistic tantrums and act cowardly and pathetic,rellying on other people to fight your battles.
Act cowardly from a bulgaria player lmao. Is there any country you did not batray. First you send your spy and fillth espor to our country. Than we gave you thousands of weapon to shoot and you betray us. Leave us of the new alliance. Than you leave Croatia and Serbia and declare neutrality couse you are scared of USA. And you talk of bravery and call us cowards. Hope that everyone sees how good ally you are . We are low in numbers but we fight hard and never give up like you and your bulgarian chickens . Maybe you should start fighting your battles and not leaving them to your allies.
1.No one send Espor anywhere.He came to you because he had problems with some players from BG.Guess he didn t see a reason to stay with you guys as he decides to come back to people he had some misunderstanding with.What does that say about your community? 2.The guns you send are part of a supply.if this is how you buy friendships that that ain t cool.We send free guns daily to players to shoot in our battles,yet they go to other countries.That doesn t leave us triggered like you are about it. 3.We are far better ally than you ever will be.There are many reasons for leaving this alliance.You can see articles about it,im not going to fall into discussions about it.If you ve made your mind about it then i can t change it.But what is true is we did millions of damage for Georgia without a MPP and lost tons of gold when you tried to conquered them(and failed) back in the day,remember?And we ve given teritories to Serbia multiple times so they can make bonuses.We are fighting two of the countries with 3x100 bonuses and you on the Arab front and thus we deviate billions of damage and we get constantly blamed for not helping..I wonder what we must to in your book to count as good allies.
Anyways,wish you luck on your mandate.Hope you do bring new players in to increase activity to your society.