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That got me thinking

If we declare neutrality like Bulgaria then they can t get us.



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Burglaria tactics.
We get it that you lost in a direct war, were occupied for months and had to get someone else to save your ass. Nothing can clear away this and all the shouts, screams, troll articles than no one gives a fuck about and so on are perfectly understandable. What is harder to understand though is what circumstances are required to humiliate a country. You made everyone know you were humiliated with all the shouts, screeches, screams, hysteria, shittalking, crying and then finally getting someone to save you. But in the certain case all the fuss about this new war is made by yourself and carried only by yourself. You cant imagine how no one gives a fuck around here about this. People dont plan on bothering canceling their 2clicks, no one is talking about boycotting (except you) and certainly no one is getting triggered over these articles. So pretty much the entire situation revolves around you people spamming articles in our country and jerking off to shouts made by yourselves. Thats kinda sad. Just get some cold water, a clean cotton lint, soak it in the water, put it on your asses and let the pain go away... at least for a while.
@TheDankSavage did not read lol
@WootyNumbers I doubt you could read even if you wanted to lol