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No Name - Newspaper from Portugal -

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2 times mexico, are u gay
In Chris we trust o7
Chris it was great pleasure o7. Hard working man for alliance. Only few deserved my respect in this game. You are among them
Ylifona gamoiyvanet o7
Remembering MAT with fondness Sad No one can say your term as SC was not successful. So respect. Even if Irelands wipe was part of that Smile
Thanks you estimate Bulgaria is strong as SMP+SA. Chris, you give up? So sad to see this.
Chris is retiring, bcs is afraid and to blame others after the fall of smp Laugh
Indeed time for holidays cya around o7
Enjoy your summer BG, and everyone. Its just a game dont forget that. o7
A great thanx to you chris, alliance and opponents, especially Bg, cause we gave life to this game that was till then boring and numb
Good job Chris ! It s not easy to manage an alliance, and do it well. That you did ! Smile :heart:
byebye babe
честит Илинден о7
no Hawaii - no bonuses Smile 0x100 = christhebeeeeee Smile
https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/250683681038008321/606574764412370973/unknown.png Just admit it - you have pissed mighty Bulgaria which is why you decided to run from the job - and all that red arrows are due to alcoholic intoxication Laugh
Thank you to 11 countries for helping to wipe one country with 3/4 more surroundings. That would be better Wink
Espor stop crying at us with false facts, we are not admin neither so kind persons to do favors at bg. Cry better at admin to boost you even more with changes at game mecs in the middle of a war. Thank you.