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No Name - Newspaper from Portugal -

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Signed by MC of SMP
Signed by MoFA of Bulgaria
real shame
Signed by CP of Georgia
smp o7
see you next war o7
see you next war o7
Big thanks to all friends who helped us o7 See you next war 😉
Shame!!! Shame!!! Shame!!!
A big respect for Bg, they fought really hard and show the world why they are on top of world powers. I see some Georgians complaining and saying things like shame ect. You are lucky Bg requested a NAP that will include both of you. Cause in safety of having regions left, you cry out shame way too easy.
@ktab you are more lucky because consent nap gov of georgia
i loled really.
Respect to all warriors on our side and on the side of the opponents.We did a great show and revived the game.
Istanbul ? Do you mean Constantinople ?
wuuuu xD
Signed by jagermeister.
Респект о7
Signed by CP of Bulgaria
Wow We have a newspaper publishing. That s a new
Signed by CP of México
Signed by PotUS
haha I knew you would be scared to go any further
There is no shame in NAPing if you tried your best but did not win. I have a lot of respect for our previous MAT allies and still in game friends. May our stars shine again.
@Winston Hope Smith ¡Hail MAT! 🇲🇽
chris f*****g de bug , just how you said: you needed english lessons, i dont understand nothing!!! i need you to translate that sh*****t to bulgarian - I DONT UNDERSTAND NOTHING !!!!