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Chris o7 !
done and over
I belive that its time for new people to prove their card worth xD
I can suggest you moving in a random country without regions make community there, form a new alliance of small countries. We know you always wanted to help and defend all small countries, now you have opportunity to do so and conquer the world o7 Smile
Its not easy when u control 70percent of world damage???? hahahaha SMP - the biggest shame in erev2
Lol! 70% of world Damage xD organize and defeat.
Gulgaria is a shame
@Edge good point actually. Its always interesting to see how to start from 0
when this war started mat was 2 times stronger than smp. Still we managed to be victorious and this is due to the perfect team we created, and solid alliance leadership. Whoever thinks different is just another noob that will search for excuses, instead of accepting the smp superiority in all possible levels. Thank you o7
Nice to see we got a mention 🤪🇮🇪 Anyway you won we lost... Well played. 🍻
Hail SMP! ✌️🇲🇽🤝
o7 Go to Albania!
Is is always good way to say good buy like this when your wife (or mom) forbid you to spend money on the game.
You achieved all your goals? Think again. Did you miss something? You didn t conquest Georgia. Even 70% of the game damage was on your side. Thanks for good fight and let s show, what we can.
Ask Georgians what i told them in the first day of the campaign. That we have nothing against them,we just want to split their dmg. And campaign will stop once we remove them from Asia and Russia. And it happened,we never tanked hard for their cores,just cuz our goal was to ping pong. We play with brain,while you just fight and waste ur stocks . And the outcome of these campaigns,and the result in general show all these . You can continue crying and searching for excuses,although u cant change the result. SMP O7
Yea, but when Geo and BG are fighting against the whole world its normal to can split our dmg and we have to spend stock when you are fighting just on food fight(of course Accidentally admin started x2energy week Smile o7
Greece,Serbia,Georgia,Bulgaria,Fyrom,Iran 3+3= 2 Laugh