Order From Chaos

No Name - Newspaper from Portugal -

Published in United States of America - Warfare analysis - 8 months ago - 36



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Cya round the block o7
see you on discord o7
F*ck u bitch Sad
Thanks for make this game intersting! You are the G.O.A.T
I wont miss u njab 💔
One by one good man disaapear from this game. Respect Chris o/
njab Sad gl in rl Wink
GB and GL C o7
You did many right things and some that from my part are questionable. No matter that, you were a major player for the game, one of the few most important ones. More and more important people leave the game and this is sign there is something wrong. Good luck to you and see you elsewhere o7
Have a very nice day!
It is destine to happen, since the beginning of game. This game is only got established to revoke the mistakes of previous one, sadly it started same and i fear it will end same. Even i never found interest in this version of game, however i do make some run with OFC it was little for me but it was the most fun time i have around. Chris good luck for your real life, i hope we meet at some other game on some other time and can fight side by side. Thank you for all good memories have fun o7
Gl in rl
Wish you well in RL ... good luck Sad
GL in RL and who knows - you may decide later to play again.
Good luck in real life, Chrisy Pissy o7
One noob less... good luck, chris o7
good luck o7
kristinaaaa Sad
GoodLuck Sad
Goodbye my friend. I wish you the best in real life. See you around! o7
Good luck in life.
o7 bro Smile
seeyaaa broo !!!
Good luck o/
dobro da je otiso ovaj papan xd