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Here is a french lesson ! #01#

Hello = Salut
Good morning = Bonjour
Good afternoon = Bonjour
Good evening = Bonsoir
Good night = Bonne nuit
Thank you = Merci

Good = Bon(ne) // Bien
(+) bon = masculine // bonne = feminine 
Morning = Matin
Afternoon = Après-midi
(+) After = après
(+) noon = midi
Evening = Soir
Night = Nuit

Comment allez-vous ? (to old person, people you don t know, etc)
How are you ?

Comment vas-tu ? (to a friends, family, etc)
How are you ?


Example :

Good morning.
Good morning, how are you ?
I m good and you ?
I m fine, thank you !

Bonjour, comment allez-vous ? 
Je vais bien et vous ?
Je vais bien, merci !

/! In this situation !
In english you say I am, but in french you say Je vais who is anothers verb !
to be = être 
I am = je suis 
to go = aller

Now you are ready to be like this guy :


G u r i nO S T A T INayavagueSuke94HUNTERG u r i nG u r i nG u r i nG u r i nG u r i nG u r i nG u r i nG u r i nG u r i nG u r i nG u r i nG u r i nG u r i nG u r i nG u r i nNayaNayaNayaNayaNayaNayaNayaNayaNayaNayaZabuzaZabuzaZabuzaZabuzaZabuzaZabuzaZabuzaZabuzaZabuzaZabuzaZabuzaZabuzaZabuzaZabuzaZabuzaZabuza

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Can u add how to give order?? For exmp, Can i get 1 Coffee? Can i get 1 bread? Smile) we can use these 😂
The baguette is a lie ಠ_ಠ
salut mes amis, il faut que nous devons practice français. Je suis en train de aprendre. Vous pouvez aider moi. Bissous
I suggest you to learn French first, then suggest others, i know you know Turkish very well Laugh
@ByBatu un café s il-vous-plaît = one coffee please : café=coffee // s il-vous-plaît=If you would. Though it is not the imperative form in French. (btw bread is pain in France).
Renault Peugeot citroen Paris saint Germain Louis de Funès amongst many other French I speak fluently xD
Je suis nika. Je deja sais français. LaughLaughLaugh
Bonjour Laugh
@Kaisez to who are you talking ?
Feng he thinks that you are turk
Un croissant et un café s il vous plaît, merci et bonne journée. Vive la république, et vive la France 😀
Je m appelle Nicolas. Je suis Française Laugh
@Jamesdelaney as expected, but I wanted to confirm it, because I know about georgian english and sometime it could be messy like frenglish xD
I m sure, that I know English better then you, and I m not Georgian Cheeky
@Kaisev to who are you talking ? :/
Nice O7