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Greetings dear citizens of the e-world

We are very happy to announce the creation of the first government of e-Greece! Throughout those past days, there were some meetings regarding our first government members and we have finally reached to our decision! We are trying to make a fresh start, leaving the past arguments behind for the sake of our country.

So, our first government will be consisted of the following members:
Country President Safer
Prime Minister The King
Ministry of defence Biternas and giannis2001
Ministry of foreign affairs JamesBond and Elior
Governor Icarus
Ministry of Education Menedimos

As you can witness yourself, there are both experienced and beginner members in our government but we are all sharing the same passion to play and make our country reach it’s full potential!

We would also like to announce that we are in talks with many countries and we are willing to sign mpps, join alliances and generally cooperate in the future. Feel free to contact our president or mofa team about everything.

We would also like to invite you to join our community and share your experience with us! Soon there will be more articles about various actions of our country, so stay tuned!

Join us on our official channel on discord

Thank you for your time! Let’s all have fun with this game!


SaferSaferB I T E R

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Hail Greece!! o7
Voted, wish you all a good start o7
Hail Greece!!! o7
Let s do this! o7
JamesBond big Olympiakos malaka Cheeky
Hail Greece!!! o7
Jamesbond MAZOXAAAAAAA mia zwh kubernhsh ellada ekei na phzeis
Kalh douleia o7
hail zeus
Καλή αρχή να έχουμε!