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Hi all players, i want to thank to the players who helped me to finish my last mission,
rw mission, this community is great, there are good players out there, to them thanks =)

Special thanks to:

But yeah yeah there are useless and idiot people
who doesn´t know how to read a damn map,
they told me, u made ur country lose bonus,
to them im going to teach how to read a map and watch the circunstances.
Isn´t too difficult so watch closely.


See the space between, that means no connection,
but if you are a bit slow, well you can check in the territory
because a country to get bonus, need to get a connection with the capital
see orinoquia in the side without connection?
well that means the country doesn´t have the bonus

and today the map
even imagine that orinoquia wasn´t lost,
no change in bonus because has not connection with capital so far

don´t worry if u see the whole thing before u say anything, u can change! =D


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Well if you don t have connection with capital you still have 10% bonus instead of 20%.
f youuu , you stell my bh
@herosiv i know but some said u make ur country lose 20% in weapons” no sense @Nesalomiv sorry mate, other players did the same to me, is part of the game i guess
you stell my bh i will never forget
@Primer Oficial you are biggest noob in erev history
True itso but just after u haha
Con que rebelandote al Santo y Sacro Gobierno Mexocano :v
Why did you erase your past article? I love your nonsense logic lol
Tas pero si bien wey jajaja Feliz navidad
You have gained a Traitor medal. As a reward you get 5 Gold.
lol todos son multis de evans o amigos de el, piensan igual jaja solo ellos tienen la razon jaja @evans andaba editando noche y lo termine borrando, ya me dio pereza volverlo a subir
Todos son mis multies lol Pasa feliz navidad Smile