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Hail FRONT and friends! Down with French tiranny! o7
Signed 😃
KO Laugh
lol, we had the bonuses before The Front. France was the one who started The Front and make friends First Place, specially when Bulgaria war was on. This is unexpected yes, but remmember, France always had top damage for allies in all battles.
I guess the alliance should change its name The Fronts Good luck
I was expecting a welcome article to Bulgaria. Disappointed. Sad
Bulgaria will never join Front
always same with France, bugetti without eggs
Support from Portugal Smile
i believe isn’t a good reason to start a war, seems like u only want the france’s regions? Maybe im wrong
@Primer BG want fish, Serbia/Cro want salt, the others are puppets. Laugh This is a bonus war, but they need the propaganda to justify the alliance between Front and Bulgaria. Laugh
Let me guess, Serbia will attack Saxony (Germany) and Bulgaria will attack Vlora Smile
Support from Portugal to France Smile
France never made NAP with Bulgaria. We made an agreement . We got bonuses before joining The Front. Also The Front now join their enemy Bulgaria your are not allowed to talk about France by doing this. And one more things is The Front want to get french bonuses and using excuse to make it legit.
Para mí está claro que es una guerra por los bonos de Francia