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Note : Listen to the music when you look at the picture.


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The best article hehehe
The best article jajaja
Friendship is Magic
Ye Laugh
Burchex sareklamo car tu shen rato postav Laugh Laugh
Why its not funny? 😂
Bg Cro Alb SA Poland Serbia best friends foreveeerr 🤗🤗🤗❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍
Im not really understand what do you think that we (The Front) need to react after you leaved us in middle from war. Secondly after you reached bonuses on weapons and food. Albania and Croatia fought directly against Germany. Albania gave Macklenburg regio with Saltper and their core Fish. And you leaved us. Soo France what part I don t understand? What do you expect from us? Like Mexiko and Peru? Thats not thing act what friends do. And we dont have any obligation for someone who dont care about us. Last contact with Sergio was in November, with Croatia this Year. Im sry guys, this war is your fault. It seems it was one game from beginning + USA. Good luck in war and in spreading propaganda about flying bears, power rangers.. Anyway..
OK boomers
La magia de la amistad XD
@PolarB3ar only THe front is making propaganda, like we wanted bonuses, we got them before joining The Front, and we was able to get Deer from Serbia after leaving The Front but we haven t, we didn t go for bonuses. We was making strategy for 2020 because we wasn t able to do so during christmas time and new years. But now we are all UP for war. The war made by The Front our old ally, who joined BULGARIA their old enemy, to attack France who is neutral with using the excuse Punish France hahaha when all you want is bonuses, I talk about The Front, not just about Croatia feel.