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Because of the current events in the game, it was seen reasonable to create a new alliance in order to counter The Front. The members of the alliance decided to create this alliance based on some principles, morals and rules like:
1. If you feel threatened, help whoever it is in order to secure your ass, even if you dont consider them as friends.
2. LIE if you have to.
3. F*ck the balance.
4. F*ck the morals.
5. Backstabbing is part of daily routine.
6. Bonuses are number one priority.
7. If you have a pet, it must be a snake.
8. There is only one main dog, the others must be puppets. (Oh and you know who is the main dog ;) )

Please the CPs of the following countries sign in the comments section.


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can i have albanian cs?
Don t cry Sad
Its only game, why you have to be mad?
Front decided to make a move (attack France) and they have every right to do so. If let s say France was defeated and stand there watching this, USA, Mexico or Peru would be the next target for sure, maybe not intsantly but soon enough this would happen. And proof about this was the fact that on the last nap you wanted some regions on south Asia which made Peru the obvious target. So, you can t expect us stand back and watch how you fight each one of us and sign naps in order to go on the next target. Secondly, you are talking about overpower... During my previous term as CP two months ago and during our war with Mexico, Serbian CP Nesalomiv approached and asked us to help him create a big side against Bulgaria... He did the same thing with Bulgaria in order to go against us... The answer was NO! If let s say Bulgaria or USA said yes, wouldn t this create overpower again? Wouldn t that be a problem for the game also? Thirdly, you have the right to decide whatever you want to do but you should never forget that your actions may cause some reactions on the other side. For example, I do not think that people on this game love USA, if I show a sign of EGO everything could go against me. I am fully aware of the reasons why somebody could attack USA, are you though? Do you think that the personal opinion about some people of you doesn t affect all of this? Do you really think that the arrogance that some of you showed during the last months isn t a reason for all of this?
What is the point of this article? You all are saying that you don t play for bonuses but to have war and dont care if you get wiped. You have war so I dont see any problem. And about backstabbing Peru, France, Mexico... and now Bulgaria as suppose. By now you should learn that something you do wrong either communication or blindly trusting.
@herosiv I guess blindly trusting is the only major problem of The Front Laugh
@BiG Serxhio I would tell that there is a couple more but I think I told you about them before I left.
Do not act like the victim please. That paper doesn t fit on you.
JAJAJAJAJA ironic. Evans x2
The cry is strong here
Half world against a couple of countries HAHAHAHA
@Romper what a hypocrite. 4 countries against France without MPPs
And because od that couply players left the game and Coasss too
i can feel the cry is strong in u! that the cry be with u!
Don t Cry Stupids of The Front 😂😂😂😂
@evans go change side few times more. Pu*a madre, na kitu minajashi
Raiden and herosiv said all what needs.
Putos latinos would never understand Balkan mentality Laugh
Hey we got a mention Smile
Brazil WON 3 Alliats, CHILE 1, All inclusive, Unit Stats, WIN 27 ENEMYS????. IS a HOLD TW...!!!??? All Respect interview magazine of the Republics. The incremensce of dayly aguards, In Canada Units States and Africa, make a great and singluar MEJICO Delyvery, for every on is incomprensible, a Marge in Target Economy is Expensive por all Doctor.
Looks like a list of your personal morals to me
We will all remember this o7
+1 Raiden. So much truth ..