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The purpose of the article is not to make fun of someone or read the comments of how someone crying. The real purpose of this is to reiterate the view that there is no longer a balance in the world, that we now have complete dominance of a few countries. That is why the game will die and the farm will become.

We all play these games to make war, to waste time, but after recent events it will no longer be possible.

There are several super countries (USA-BG-SERBIA) from the beginning of the server. In addition, we can add a few more solid countries(MX-PERU-CRO-POL-SA-RO...).
We also have artificial states like Brazil, now France. I have not listed them in the super countries because they are often made and destroyed, moving from continent to continent.

I have been in many alliances, everyone knows that I always tried to help everyone and every country I worked with at the time. But the problem with this server is because friendships change overnight.

The only 2 friendships from the beginning of the server are Serbia-Croatia and Bulgaria-Macedonia.

The TF Alliance did not have pro countries, maybe only Japan, but realistically it can t be counted.

In addition to 5 strong members, the FoE Alliance has pro countries such as Macedonia, Romania, Georgia, Spain and Ireland. Last 2 countries almost dead but having good relations with PoE.

If we calculate FoE dmg + pro FoE we get 231.822.292.422 !


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Comments (12)

If we calculate the damage on The Front and the exFront members(France and Mexico) what will become then?! The alliance Front was OP but then no one care, right?!
Not to mention what your ex CP tried to do when he approached us and Bulgaria
The purpose of the article is not to make fun of someone - names the alliance FoE Laugh
Where were your statistics when the whole Front attacked France?
So whole France s ally defend them... This was t unfair battle...
wait romanians are Pro PoE are you stupid? they are tanking daily in every Rw USA has Also this statistic is a bullshit cause there are many citizens with USA or BG cs cause of bonuses that are fighting for you for example the greeks tsitoubill billygrande rager all have bg cs and have tanked billions for your side so they are damage might be showing as ours but is yours and there are many others like that who have done the same
ironic. You lost mx, peru and France that were in your side and now, what? I can wait counting the time when TF will fall. Traitors!
Also the statistic has another issue countries like SA obviusly can fight way more but they chose not to like today they wasted billions on USA rws and didnt do one hit for Albania Your lack of communication,loyalty between members (serbia-cro excluded) is not our problem. Lastly you have another mistake in your article not only you add romania on our side that its closer to be an enemy than an ally you also add georgia who tanked and signed mpp with pt to fight vs france So please if you wanna make articles and statistics take the whole truth and facts under considerations
Don t add Romania to any of the 2 alliances because we are naither pro FoE nor TF, and will never be... USA for us is a shit with its actual GOV and Serbia is a shit as it is.... and always will be a bunch of traitors to us!
Asmin shut up . Half romanian citizens emigrate because you and your politics. And worst no new citizens want to log for our country. So do not talk about others. You are a notoriuos hater.
Is that half you and your clone accounts? Laugh Cause I don t see any real Romanians anywhere ... only 1-2 noobs like you...
pathetic latino damage Smile