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Hello everyone,

It has been 2 weeks now since the big war between The Front and France started and many things have changed during these few days. We saw Bulgaria change sides overnight, we saw USA-Peru breaking the NAP, we witnessed the great change in the balance of the game (not the war). Im referring to game balance because things have turned personal now and its really hard to go back. There is a huge hate between players and consequently between countries. Boikov proposed a good idea but it was a bit late after we reached the no turning back point. 

After almost 1 month of waiting for the war vs France to start, in coordination with Bulgaria, Albania was promised help in the war and after that we would make a bonuses redistribution where our Fish would go to Bulgaria. But something happened that made them change direction, it was clear even to a 10 years old child that they didn t want further collaboration with The Front, they kept using stupid reasons to break relations with us and that USA had given them an ultimatum not to fight anymore vs France. Weeks before Bulgaria had promised that they would stay neutral if USA helped France (and that was a sure thing to happen) but then they decided to pick a side and win easy wars. And that s where the game balance starts breaking. There is more than obvious that you cant win against 70% dmg of the game so let them play with themselves now.

We have been at war since September starting with Germany and then constantly fighting against USA and Peru in the RWs that they were raising to us. Although that we are a small country comparing to some others, we successfully managed to have some colonies in Europe that we never thought we would have. Later after The Front - BG NAP, when USA started war against Mexico, Albania started offensive towards US colonies (UK and Iceland) so we could help Mexico but they were either seduced by USA or they fell under their pressure so they signed NAP and MPP with USA. This made us abandon our plan so there were no more reasons to go and fight against USA since they were not at war with our ally. This brought us to TF - USA NAP so we could chill a bit. On the other hand we showed good will and good collaboration with BG by agreeing to give them all the bonuses that they needed, including El Hasa which seemed kinda impossible since it was Saudi Arabia s capital. 
So after all these NAPs, there was no more fun in this war game so we started planning our next campaign against ex alliance member France.

Albanian relations with France
We started having diplomatic relations with France before OFC disbanding when there were only a couple French . We helped them gain their regions and also a few bonuses in Switzerland. After that Brazilians joined France and we kept our good relations with them. We signed MPP with them only one time after their union with Brazilians and later Turks. We were always open for MPP but they were busy with other countries. On September we asked them to let us pass through South Italy in order to go to Germany where we would help our allies Croatia and Poland. After some time France agreed to give us passage through Italy but they refused MPP to help us in our war and decided to remain neutral. Germany was a pain in the ass at that time for all their neighbors including France. Only a few French players helped us against Germany (I remember Nielton very well and probably some others with their alt accounts). When bonuses map changed, France took over our regions in Germany and we moved to Netherlands. We also agreed to lend Albanian Fish region to France for a 50 gold fee. That fee was paid only on October  and when we asked them on December to pay the fee, they said that they gave us Netherlands so in exchange we gave them Vlora. This was not the deal but ok, we moved on since 50g doesnt hurt anybody (except them). We had 0 communication with France after they left The Front but only when USA refused MPP with them and signed with BG they felt that one of those countries was going to attack them. So suddenly on January 1 we received 1500 Q6 Weapons (worth a bit more than 50g) from France for our fish region and they also offered us East Anglia which was occupied by them. This was a clear move to improve our relations and maybe get us on their side again. But I guess it was too late now. We still respect most of the French players and we feel bad that some from their leadership have insulted our nation. 

War with France and consequences
Since Albania was part of The Front, we never refused to help our allies no matter who the enemy is. So we would go to war with France but since our war was active, they attacked us first. We resisted quite long against them and their allies in Ireland and USA. Albania also managed to break a DS Q5 in French cores all alone (and that was unexpected and fun to be honest xD). We lost our regions in UK and later in Netherlands after we decided not to fight anymore against POE. So we fell back to our core regions. Oh and one more interesting thing here. 
In order to drop our MPP with Bulgaria, they declared war to us and attacked one of our regions. Bulgarian CP told me that they would not fight hard in that battle (although they made about 1 billion dmg). But anyway, I asked them not to fight when we raise RW, but guess what, they attacked the fish region. They also told Greece that they would give back Greek regions to Greece but they attacked again :D. 
Albania didnt show resistance against Bulgaria since theres no more point in fighting so we let them accomplish their great desire to see us wiped. (Yes they look like those people who have been bullied when they were kids and when they grow up they like to bully others, in this case they were wiped and now they like to wipe others :D ) .

Conflict with Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)
We have always given Macedonians the chance to have Training Wars in our cores. During last events we agreed to give North Albania to Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) so they could have TW. But they used North Albania to move to Montenegro (which was ours until 2 weeks before missions started) and then they attacked Bosnia and Herzegovina core regions. This irritated our alliance and Albania. Macedonians were causing troubles and this felt like a knife in our back since they didnt inform us first that they were going for MNE and our allies in BiH. It was almost 1 week before missions deadline and almost everyone had finished them so we fought to get back regions in MNE. Macedonians didnt seem pissed off at that time so they asked for route to Romania since they were thirsty for wars. BUT right after Albania went on a war with France, USA, Mexico, Peru, Ireland, Spain and later BG, they decided to attack us. Really cowardly act from their side but ok. They never had the balls to attack Albania and they waited for the right moment when we were in war against half the world. Although they were not mentioned to be a POE member in the alliance article, they were being helped a lot from the alliance. They only won 1 battle against us, and that with the help of their brothers in Bulgaria. They cant win against Albania and will never win. Thats why they are signing MPPs with Mexico, Peru and Ireland because thats the only way they can beat us. Albania wont fight in such stupid war in an unbalanced game full of snakes. If Macedonia wants stupid battles with no profit against us they are welcomed but we wont fight against overpowered alliance.

Albania and Serbia
Although it may seem kinda strange to most of the players here, Albania and Serbia actually have really good relations. We have never went to war with each other and we have never insulted each other here. There has been only respect between us and since we were part of the same alliance, we are friends too. We helped them with 1.5 billion OH in a battle vs France (we had no MPP) and the best thing happened yesterday against Bulgaria xD . There was 30 million dmg difference at the end of the battle.
And have a look at the Albanian dmg xD
This is the fun we are playing for instead of overpowered alliances and safe ass bonuses.

Thats all for now
See you when you start realizing what you have done


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Peru didn´t break NAP XD. If you think that 1-2 is a proof, that´s means that SA broke the NAP first.
Big support for BIG man Serxhio 🙏
When Bulgaria is fighting alone on 2 direct fronts vs Mexico and SA(+huge help from Cro,France,Serbia and albania) and defending RWs everything is OK. When France is fighting alone on 4 direct fronts vs Poland, Albania, Serbia, Croatia and defending RWs vs other countries everything is OK. But when these countries unite against the aggressors this is not OK. You guys dont deserve respect! Wiped until leave o7
Why didn’t you cry when everyone was against Bulgaria? Get your shits together and stop being selfish. When you try to bully, all of them will unite and show what you’ve done. It’s time to wipe all of you
Actually there is a lot of insulting you pichka but on friendly basis xD
+1 Espor
this shows that Albania was lied from all negotiations they had and now they have mouth to talk about Albania! you offered core regions to some countries and they are responding back with wiping you, that s pure childish and hungry ego manner! anyway the righteous one always will win, your path is opened bc they know your history! o7
respect Albania
Albania o7
Write that you loose from as, when you have installed DS5. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Long time i didnt read a long article, your opinion, i respect.
Bulgarians persuaded you to attack our friends France and then turned your back !!! big traitors !!! they also persuaded MKD to attack you, Bulgarians traitor game
all means accepted in order to get the map in a good shape. Congrats to the people that made it happen o7
all means accepted to save USA s bounses Laugh
Yooo you offer me 200 gold for fish i say ok we take it you change it and told me you want BG to be neutral and let USA fight against Front even you ask BG to join you and help you i told you NO then you change it and make NAP with USA ask BG for MPP and help against France we say ok why not we do not have any relation with them we have ppl in BG hate them (ex Germany) and make MPP with Albania and Croatia after first day you come and told to BG we have no deal and you call this just something happened and even blame BG write it how it is cuz i even ask you what you want and you ignore me so i told to my gov i am done with you and let them decide what we do !!! Also you did try this with USA and ask them to attack BG
poor noob
Свободно съчинение по избрана тема Laugh Twisted here, a little change facts there and we have diferent picture. Good cry.
all the knots come to a head.
strange, serbs are just sending o7, cmmon my dear serbs where is respect albania, hail albania, etc...
ima koljači bakljava Laugh
o7 good article
Albania is going to be erased by their own tears, you sow what you reap, accept your mistakes and face reality, the Front wanted to play dirty and they ran into the Achilles heel, when Peru came out of the front they suffered attacks from them through RWS, France came out of the front and suffers in a 4 vs 1, they handle a silly form of diplomacy, The front should only be erased, especially Albania for being crybabies, Accept that Peru never broke the NAP, don t cry Albania, don t cry the front Laugh
Kikirito, where you parked the Llama?
Nice fairy tale. Now go back to reality.
I don t think that lack of communication is a reason to attack an old friend in a 4v1 war (6v1 if you count PTO countries). But ok, it s your way of playing, so I will respect it.
This is the biggest piece of misinformation and bullshit i have ever sat down to read Wiped till leave as someone above said if you dont like this GTFO i cant say it more clearly
Nice to see what has been happening, it is known in every game this type Bulgaria is worst ally ever, they backstabb like normal thing, balance doesnt matter but so much treachery hurts to see
@Nielton I didnt mention that the lack of communication was the reason to go to war, we were part of an alliance so we would help our alliance in any way but remember that you attacked first Laugh Lol @drethgar I dont think that the purpose of this game is to make others leave and then be the king of the hill, we are here to play together and bring more players instead of making the players leave Smile also I like your arguments as always
dont understand people that leave the game because of some pixsels or bad few people, wipe is going to happen every country sooner or later
That s one side of the story Smile You didn t mention Albania vs Ireland properly. I am sorry for the great empire you had and I hope you would keep fighting to rise up again. Funny that people, and not you especially, I speak generally, are still complaining about betrayal as it is part of the game. I see many times in comment stop crying and see those guys crying 2 months later because the same happened to them. We, player of the game are a big community. We have same goals, same ambitions. We just have different ways to reach them. (RL money, smaller community etc) I can just it to a group of friends. Yes, we are all friends after all Smile Just a thought anyway
@Hidorion 👏
@Kapo Gerge +1
Good article o7
Bulgarians was always traitors and will be always traitors. There is nothing change in every single game
there is no future for Albania