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I would like to comment from my perspective on what happened in the previous month.

1. Bulgaria

Bulgaria is among the top 4 forces on this server, in addition to the USA, FR and Serbia.
From the beginning they mostly chase bonuses, when they take it they are passive and only farm, they make big stocks. They don t spend a lot of their supplies on allies, they help over the DO. Rarely do they really shoot a lot unless it benefits them.

With the TF alliance, they made a plan to attack the FR, and we were naive and believed in it.  The reason why TF agreed to attack FR is because we wanted to punish a former alliance member who took resources with the help of TF and then left the alliance.

After that, TF turns out to be guilty. Bulgaria assisted the TF until the FR was expelled from Albania and until BG took the fish. In the end, it turned out to be the goal. He then turns his back on TF and makes a deal with FR-USA-PERU-MX.

And again we come back to looking only at their interests, that they will do everything for their bonuses. I personally will not go into how the FR-BG agreed after all, because  BG attacked them and took the fish, that s their thing.

2. Tournament

We all remember what happened last time, when the BG-USA allies made a small comflict because BG wanted to overtake the USA and win the tournament. They do not matter who it is, whether they are an ally or an enemy, it is important that they be the first in the tournament.

Why did they attack Serbia now? There is a very simple reason for this.

This is certainly not to help FR, which has made a deal with USA-BG for MPP. They could very easily afterwards deal with TF in battles.

This is their first direct war with Serbia, many times we have fought each other but have never attacked each other directly.

The only reason is that they needed a stronger war over the current tournament.

Now they have war with Serbia, they can shoot for TP a lot. Because of this war, they are now in first place in the tournament, because if they did not have this war where to shoot, they would be somewhere between 5-10 place for sure.

3. Interesting from Bulgaria

Bulgaria attack on Serbia in the Southern Serbia region is underway, where DS q5 exists. Bulgaria avoids Holding DO on That Fight as It Reduces DMG They Need to Win First Place in Tournament.

How we know out that the war with Serbia is only because of the tournament, not because of France, look at the following:

It used to be All for one, one for all, today in Bulgaria it is said All for Bulgaria, Bulgaria only for itself.

Heroes del Perú fighting against Serbia, where he has DS q5 and that is why they are top9 in the tournament.

Macedonian Army
 fighting against Serbia, where he has DS q5 and that is why they are top5 in the tournament.


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Comments (26)

Jedna pitalica. Sta je to sto samo na svoje dupe misli? ... bugarin
Don t you have shame, Cemi? Serbia lived off the back of Bulgaria for months and months. I regret everytime I stood up for you. You are unreliable traitors. I think BG present gov is not doing well, but also I think that you don t have the right to write these things after all things.
Where is FISH ??? Where is DO ??? Who is top 1 on tournament ???
Huh. Why didn t you mention that BG fought really hard against your DS q5? We lost by 40 millions because the DS saved you. It reduced a lot of our dmg for the tournament Wink We don t care about it, it is a fact that ORENDA has always been the best MU in the world and it will remain in this way. Stop being so envious of everything!
Trebate biti zahvalni bugarima na početku igre kada ste bili u ratu vs BiH su vas spasili brisanja + pomogli da obrisete nas, imajte bar malo poštovanja prema tome Smile
report this biaaaaatch Smile
I used to like you a lot. Really! But now I аm sorry about that. There is not a drop of truth in point one, but it is still your opinion. I аm sorry I did not shoot the Discord for the world to see what Serbia, Albania and CA are all about. There is not a drop of honor in you. The intrigues, the manipulators, the selfish, the liars of hypocrites .. the list is long - in a word, garbage. If anyone is ONLY interested in bonuses - it is you. You have proven it several times. And yes, Bulgaria needs a war for the tournament and this is only ONE of all reasons.
Hahaha who is first and where is fish?
@velev Bro, what are you talking about? Serbia has been without bonuses for almost 5 months, before that we had 2-3 months 100% bonus only on weapons. The server lasts over 15 months and we never had all the bonuses
Sure, I believe we are in a common goal, to erase Serbia, do not put selfish ideas that are not, you sowed enemies and simply now harvest them, as when they attacked Peru in their RWs are the consequences of their actions
Coassss, ask Cemi and Otis what they did, when i proposed Serbia for main bonus country of TNT with all the rights and responsibilities about it and all members accept it. Ask them about when at start of game bosnia with times less people was going to wipe Serbia and Serbia wouldn t evolve that strong like it is now. Ask Serbia and Croatia how many times we move around the map to help them. I don t know what BG government does in last few months, but before that in the past there is nothing that Serbia can be angry about. Serbia was the first to maintain relationships with enemies after dissolution of whatever alliance we had. You signed mpp with USA first back then. Just be realists and stop blaming Bulgaria for your lack of success, because you tried to fuck us many times when we were friends!!!!!!
@danider I wasn t active at the start of the game, so I don t know what happened then. Ask Cemi what the Bulgarian government has done for the past month. He wrote an article with an SS but has been deleted by admin. You can ask Patton, too, because he was part of that plan
@coassss, I respect you, you know. I will tell you what your government did with the government of Albania. They asked us every day to invade the United States. In the meantime, the same people have suggested that the United States, the United States and the FRONT delete Bulgaria together. These are the same people who tell me of betrayal and honor.
So, to make bigger damage we are fighting in a region with DS5 but without a bonus of Natural enemy ?!?!!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?! WHAT THE FK ARE YOU TALKING GUYS, ARE YOU DRUNK ???????????????????????????????????????????????????
Serbia isnt top force, coasss is top player, but he is almost alone there... nvm that...!! TELL ME WHY MY SQUAD IS NOT IN ARTICLE! Laugh
Where was loyal Serbia, when Greece was deleted? O, I see, they protected very important Southern Serbia Laugh
GhuU +1 koga bea vo sojuz srbija hrvatska usa i Bugarija dobro im bese na srbite. Bugarite im pomognaja na srbite za brisenje na Bosna. Dva puta ne briseja zaedno bugarija i srbija. Srbi sami ste zgreshile sto ne ste vo sojuz so bugarija zaedno.
@ Velev There are 3 phases in relations between the two countries. First allies, second neutral and third enemies. Provide me with a country that has changed all the status between the first and third phases in only 10 days?
@coassss, we are from the Balkans! 10 days is a long time. You know, people like us need hours. Laugh
Bulgarians are the biggest pussies of all world in history!!!
Ahahahaha Bulgarians talking about bonuses. They will do everything to get bonuses! Right now they kissing our a... but we wipe them once and we gonna do that again. We just waiting to empti theirs storages....!!!
RCDE23, USA told you to fck off, why dont you do that? It is NONE business of yours
преди малко ебах майка ти !!!