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Good evening community of erevollution II

The greek government is happy to announce a program of tax refund for the company upgrades that take place in our country! Everyone is eligible to get a refund only if he/she meets the following requirements. The 90% of the tax that our country gets from the upgrades will be refunded in a few days, not later than the following Monday. For example, by investing 10 gold, 1 gold is sent to our treasury as a tax-income. From this tax-income, those accepted are going to get back the 90% of it.

The previous mentioned requirements are the following:
1)The upgrade has to take place in one of our regions in order for the tax gold to be transferred to our treasury.
2) Two printscreens of our treasury, one before and one after the upgrade! In those printscreens, the day and the hour before and after the upgrade, the amount of gold before and after the upgrade and the amount of the tax income before and after the upgrade should be included. Of course, the account should be the same one with the one asking the refund.These are some examples of printscreens before and after the upgrade. Make similar printscreens and your application will be accepted for sure!
3) Fill the following form and wait for a message of approval!

Those requirements are mandatory and you will have to meet them all in order to be eligible for the refund. Printscreens that do not include those mentioned on the section 2 above, will not be accepted and our government will not be blamed for not refunding the one asking for it! So please be cautious and accurate!

For more info, you can always contact our Governor

We wish to thank you for choosing our country for your investments!


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Σε ελληνικά?? Με 2 απλα λόγια! Αφού πρόκειται για την Ελλάδα! Σας ευχαριστώ!
@milano13 https://www.erev2.com/en/article/616
nice o7