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France and The Front agreement

1 : France won t attack / make damage against The Front members (include dirrect, RW MPP)
2 : The Front members won t attack / make damage against France (include dirrect, RW MPP)
3 : France will not block The Front for their bonuses quest
4 : France will get Switzerland and West of Germany

Current The Front members are : Serbia, Albania, Saudi Arabia, Croatia, Hungary and Poland

Western Germany include :
-North-Rhine Westphalia 
-Rhinelland-Palatinate and Saarland

If any of the current members leave The Front, they will have to wait 5 days before any attack on France.

Same if a country join The Front, they get part of the deal and must respect the agreement.

The agreement is valid untill the 05/05/2020 // OR // untill the bonus change. 


The reason that make France conclude a deal can be find here : https://www.erev2.com/en/article/6225
France is in wish to change his gameplay more into a diplomacy than war. We want the best for our citizens and we will always do it ! 



Comments (16)

Signed by current french MoFA.
signed by CemiSRB multi
Signed o7
Signed by Salah MoD of Croatia o7
Signed by CP of Loland o7
I think Game dont need any aliance now. Lets rest disbaned front 😏
Front is not alliance.Front is family Smile
we still have some obligations towards some countries, then we can peacefully disband Laugh
Greece was part of that alliance till last article what happened in this one ?
Οταν πονει ο κωλος αυτα γινοντε