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 @ALERT@ Bad english incoming !

I suggest to add new medail True Soldier 

https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/497485177170296832/710625265449173042/hitmedail.png Design have to be change of course ! 

Medail will be based on number of HIT you make (regardless if you are fighting for your country, your ally, resistance war or random country, all battle are INCLUDE !)

Here is the medail table to know how much hit for how much medail
(number of medails) (number of hit for next medail) (total of hit made since the start)

To get 1st medail you will needs to make 1000 hit (no needs to fight with weapon) and total of hit you have made since the start is also 1000After you make 39 000 hit you will have 20 medails and from now you will have to make 2900 hit for the next medails !

Medail is harder after every medail, you will have to make 100 more hit to get the next one !

You think it s abusive and overpowered ?
If you think tank will have fast the first medail, maybe it s right server is already 587 days

But you are so wronnnnnng !
The current first player have 1,280,923 experience points, we will suppose he earned them with 1,280,923 hit, with this ammount of hit you would have .... 150 medails ! Only 150 ? o_O

Yes only 150. So the medails is fair at 2000% and not overpowered. I thinked about it a long time to make it fair and bringing some little income for player, we all know how hard it s to get gold with fighting in this server !


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We all know they won t add it, but let s have some hope
im with the same thing that are you saying good o7
Agree. O7
Current administration will not listen to the players. They do whatever they want
The economy is bad already man. Seriously? More gold to stack on top of all this? Ppl sell Q7 already, that mean it’s overflowing already and no1 is buying. The admins didn’t ruined this game, players did it. This game is completely dead from the moment I joined. 0 activity same 20-30 ppl spam around, don’t even want to talk about politics cose it doesn’t exist...........
Bravo good idea o7
Brilliant idea, admin should run with it o7
Why not also medal for spending weps too? So that all these sellers can actually sell smth Smile
Why bother suggesting when admin doesn t even log in this game Laugh
For every 5000 hit medals