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Hello everyone,
It is so difficult for me to write this article but everything has its cycle, and now my cycle in this game has finally ended after forcefully trying to find motivation for a long time and refusing the fact that this game was in coma, but now its dead. 

I joined eRev2 on day 4 and during these 588 days of playing I have experienced a lot of things, but whats more important is that I have made some great friends from Albania and mainly from Balkan.
I have continuously run after challenges, I never wanted to play a peaceful game and farm in any big country but instead I have challenged them.

What is most important on my experience here is my strong desire to help allies and stay loyal to them because loyalty means a lot to me and my other Albanian brothers (you can check here what Albanian Besa is ), and we have never asked for anything back because all we wanted was friendship and have a good time. Unfortunately because of our choices and how the game flow went, we never had the chance to get to know the other side of our enemies and we have had to fight certain countries for a long time (such as BG and thats only because we have forever been allies with SA, but no hard feelings, I respect everyone). 

Im feeling sad that my journey here is ending but there is no more hope and its completely a waste of time spending some minutes/hours from a day in this game. What is disgusting is how the admin changed the date of Lucky Dice event from 19.05 to 18.05 and we all saw it. There is no more point continuing playing with 40 players and 4000 multies.

I want to thank everyone, especially my friends from Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia and North Macedonia, who has been part of my experience here and wish you good luck o7

P.s: Huso je lopove


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good by my brother o7 , hope our path croses again o7
Good luck in rl bro o/
see you in the other one
o7 o7 o7
o7 noob
Good luck o7
Pozdrav! a few more games like this and you will learn Serbian
Yo don’t forget to send your stuff here!!!
GL o7
All the best in real life!
Never took these game seriously it is good to burn some time that how it should be. GL in RL my friend
Gl super noob 😁
Goodbye Albanian supreme leader. Glad to knew you. One song for you Cheeky
Good bye and good luck in RL Sad
We never were to fond of eachother but I always respect those I see playing for their country instead of going after farming. Anyway Good Luck in what you decide to do next, be it another game or RL... Albania lost a good and active player today o/
Wilujeng paturay bro.. Crying
Good luck bro vari kari a lot 💗
Good Luck in RL Sad7
Wish you all the best and tnx 4 everything o7
gl in rl o7Sad
Nice one.SadGood bye and good luck in RL my friendCryingo7
Sergio left 😐😲 gl rl.. Maybe admin will left next Laugh
Good luck
No te vayas Cabrón xD
te pakten ri 2click derisa dicka do ndodhe! perndryshe suksese ne RL ! o7
Sretno. Ostavi mi nalog
Ајде гарчо - педала
good luck
njab Cheeky
Donate gold
Good luck (if you made gift i ll accept Smile )
Sad Good Bye Serxhio, the Dragon of Albania! Cheeky
Welcome back, serxhio 😜