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Rules are simple,I will be an honorable Mercenary :

Rule Num1 - I fight for any country ,against any country,  (exception I do not fight against Portugal)

Rule Num2 - If I fight on one side in a battle, then I will not accept proposals to fight on the other side.

Rule Num3 - I will never tell anyone who or what country paid me to fight a battle , I ll just tell  if damage is paid or not.

What offers I accept:

1- You can call me to fight in a battle , if I agree with the offer I fight

2-You can call me to fight for your Military Unit in a Tournament , i will accept best offer

3- You can call me to be  in your Military Unit or Country for x days, for x gold or weapons.

4- I agree to do damage in exchange for buying  me packs of 10 or 20 euros

5- You can pay me 150 gold , and i will not fight your country for 30 days



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I have better offer pay me 50 gold and i will not fight your country for 30 days
but i am donnis, i have infinite damage and you don t Cheeky