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I will leave the game after Bulgaria get wype of the map, we all know in both side the day will happens sooner or later. 

 Before saying lol you give up french surrender, I will tell you to read game history, game mechanic, game balance, etc and then I believe you won t say that o7

Reason : Admin udpate, are always killing the game, they don t show activity, they don t communicate, they announce an update and do it right after, they say we do what players want well who are players because I didn t get contacted with a Top 30 account, with being CP of a country, with being Commander of a top 7 MU. 

Fews days weeks I started a similar game with really active team, very active players, everyone love everyone, rainbow are shining, etc
+ I will not say the name of this others game, because it s not allowed and I don t want this article to be deleted.

Farewell everyone. The day Bulgaria will be wype, Feng Shui will be out.


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Good luck in real bro
Good move
good luck, aurevoir Sad
So admin did contact with players? From this article I see that stronger or visa players get stronger rest will be behind even more.
Im with you
Feng Shui GL in RL, sooner or later any of us will leave the game o7
Don t worry.. none of us where contacted by the administration and I am 1000% shore noone is talking to them telling them they want the changes they impose players wanted.. its just their way of backing their story of bullshit updates up. They are killing the game and the only thing they want is CASH in their pockets like always.. nothing more, and they don t give a f... of what players think or do, or need as long as MONEY comes out of this game and goes into their pockets !
Thanks all for good message, only 20 minutes article is posted and already lot of people here x)
Good luck in real life o7
I gonna leave (two-click) too
Me too
estabamos bien preocupados no sabes
TwoClick for 2 weeks, login empty storage to strongest enemy(currently BG), having fun with comrades,friends and enemies, writing o7 on wall, logout, repeat. My last 7 months of erev2 life.It s as it is, find your way to enjoy it. It s take it or leave. Either choose you will make, GL and HF! Voted
Good luck man.
We all know the name of the other game, there really is an administrator working with the players! The administrator here is an idiot. It is no coincidence that there are 600 people on the line, and here 200. The game here died a long time ago.
y di el nombre del otro juego no seas gallina mc fly total ya te vas
We are still playing a dead game... GL to your now challenge!
We playing dead game for a long time...
Don’t go ✌️🇲🇽🤝
Dead game brings dead accounts..
We playing dead game for a long time... x2
We playing dead game for a long time... x3
We playing dead game for a long time... x4
good luck in real o7
We playing dead game for a long time... x4