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First of all, I want to wish you a Happy New Year and Happy Holidays, I hope you are all good.❤

Now let s move on to LITTLE POLL.

Which place in your country would you recommend to tourists to visit?

My answer: Monastery of St. Naum - Ohrid (Манастир Свети Наум - Охрид)

Comment down below! 👇

Black Owl.


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Маквиште, Србија.
Đakovo,Croatia. There live biggest mistake of nature
Kaluđerica, Serbia, after that you will love your city much more
Bratislava- Slovakia cheap beer, beautiful womans and bratislava castle above Danube with ufo - see picture
Rajlovac kod Sarajeva, gdje dame poznije zivotne dobi poklanjaju ljubav u zamjenu za materijalne vrijednosti kao što je novac. Smile I piramide u Visokom Smile
Sv.Naum,the best choice o7
Happy new year bro Wink i offer you Mtskheta to visit in Georgia, it s so beautiful city ❤
Rudnik mountain have the larget ratio of erev2 players per population.. StevanG and me, and there is only 1200 live people here Laugh
Old Mountain lot of beautiful whatefalls
You must visit when you come TURKEY 1.Çinçin (Ankara) 2.Yüreğir (Adana) ... 3. Çilek Mahallesi (Mersin) ... 4.Kadifekale (İzmir) ... 5.Sarıgöl Mahallesi (İstanbul) ... 6.Kore Mahallesi (Tekirdağ) ... 7. Dolapdere (İstanbul) ... 8. Çömlekçi (Trabzon) BEST PLACE S IN THE WORLD