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Houston, we have a problem

I mentioned this in my previous recommendation article.I wanted to bring it up again because I thought it would make a huge contribution to the game and the players who played.

As you all know, there is a worker problem in the game.When the article is a votingtask, we see a maximum of 500 votes. That means 1,000 workers. 1,000 workers are able to operate 100 Q7 weapon factories. Let s make a simple calculation;

Let s assume that the average of 25,000 str players in the game is at least 1 Factory.There are 211 players in total.That means at least 211 factories. 2,110 workers...

This game has at least 500 players, and many of them have a 2-3-4-5 Q7 Weapon Factory. In this case, a huge deficit arises. Rich players gather workers in the market, while poorer ones are left without workers.

Houston, we have a solution

As I mentioned earlier, putting worker tokens in the market for gold will easily solve this problem. In addition, since it is sold using gold, this will lead players to invest some more money.

a result, the players are happier, the admin is happier, the world is now a more beautiful place.


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Mantıklı o7
But that will make weapon price cheaper and so the big players will easily buy more weapons and no more RPGs from admin store, so the admin will be pour and unhappy Smile
Up + o7
I think we should add some significance to weapons of all Q - which has been a plague of these games forever in late period. Battles should have limit to what type of weapons can be used. For example, ‘close quarter‘ fight - only no weapon and q1-q2. Then - ‘suburban’ - q2-q3, ‘field operation’ - q4-q5 and ‘major’ - q6-q7. This will make all kinds of weapons required. Q10 can be used everywhere so that Admin is happy too. There have been attempts in original game, even now, but they failed to fix economy. Battle zones used to be just a label.